Favre Wants To Keep Having Fun

<BR>Brett Favre has no plans to retire in the near future. Laura Veras Marran brings you the latest...

Playing for the Green Bay Packers is still fun for Brett Favre, and he plans to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. The 13-year veteran said he does not have plans to retire after this season, according to reports from several sources Friday.

Favre told the press that he is "having fun" leading this Packer offense, which he believes has not reached its peak. When it does, he plans to be around, he said.

The three-time MVP called the chance to take the offense to a higher level a "tremendous challenge," with which he wants to be involved.

Questions about his impending retirement, which ran rampant in the offseason and sprang up again after his recent thumb injury, should be deferred to the Packer powers that be – or higher, according to Favre. The 34-year-old Favre said that he still believes that his retirement will eventually be caused by an injury which stops him from playing at all, or by the team eventual decision to go with a younger quarterback.

Favre plans to start his 199th consecutive game Monday night at Lambeau Field. He is about to reach Dan Marino's record of at least 20 TDs in 10 consecutive seasons, needing just four to tie the mark. Favre had three TD passes last week vs. Minnesota, despite a broken thumb and has 16 on the season.

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