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Fans vent after loss to Eagles

Here are letters e-mailed to Packer Report Managing Editor Todd Korth in the wake of Green Bay's 17-14 Monday night loss to the Philadelphia Eagles:

Packer Fans,

There is one thing that the losses against the Cardinals, the Chiefs and the Eagles all had in common, and it is a major factor seperating us from the elite teams in the NFL: we try to hide behind our prevent defense as soon as we get anything resembling a lead. Why must we squander every lead we have in the 4th behind a front line that already struggles to get to the quarterback, and try to contain indtead of staying with what got us the lead in the first place. The quarterbacks that have all day to pass pick us apart, and with certain people struggling on coverage, well, look at the losses. Teams like the Titans, Chiefs and Colts run the scores up and stay with their game plan: they are much more successful than we currently are, and I don't think any team has more potential or talent that our Pack, they just continue to play hard and not stall. I also believe that is one of the reasons our recievers (the most underrated recievers in the league) are not getting the numbers they used to: we get aleadd we throw 3 year passes and never look down feild again! I do understand playing the clock is part of the game, but we have been unsuccessfull at it 3 times now. There isn't much left this year. Please stick with what was working- let's be a team that blows out the opponent, not one that squeaks by when we were up 14 in the 3rd. Defense is looking better, I pray the improvement continues. I still think Anderson is a starter, though Edwards had a great hit and 1st down stop last night. It is never over for a true Packer fan: it just gets colder! Let's get on the right track and be the team that other people fear playing. No more Prevent-As-From-Winning-Defense until we down it with 40 seconds left!!!
Jason Eckes,
Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District

Packer Report,

I will never claim to know more than those who coach my Packers, but after watching tonight's game I feel compelled to ask this question: What in the world were you thinking when there were 4 minutes left? I completely understand the "run the ball, use the clock, play it safe" play calls with a lead and the type of weather there was but sometimes I think that the play calling doesn't respect what we have in Brett Favre. I also think that sometimes the play calling doesn't respect what other teams have in their quarterbacks. Donovan MacNabb had brought his team back to win from being down in their last 2 games. Their confidence in being able to win the game in the last seconds was soooo high (Packer fans know all about that confidence). It seemed to me like that wasn't taken into consideration. It looked like we thought they would just give up.

MacNabb and Reid were completely underestimated and not respected for their confidence in their team and ability to win under any circumstances. The Eagles should have never touched that ball again after our defense stopped them. The game should have ended with the ball in Brett's hands while he took a knee and let the clock run out.

If I'm wrong I will totally take my entire statement back. But I don't think I'm wrong. And I also think that most, if not all, Packer fans (maybe even football fans in general) would agree with me
Anne Adickes
Tacoma, Wash.

Packer Report,

Well, it was an interesting Monday Night game. Do we blame our lack luster Offense or our beat to death Defense for the last 2 Minutes of the game and poor coverage. What happened? Should we keep playing Brett injured or put in our back up?? And how about using old Freeman down the field for the bomb? Isn't he our most seasoned receiver? Might as well start getting ready for next season cause this one won't last. Just seems as though we've had an up and down year and other teams seem hungrier than us. I guess we just don't want it bad enough.
Erik Hass,
Seattle, Wash.

Packer Report,
Well, I think we can forget about a few things:
1.) Packers in the playoffs this season.
2.) The Lambeau home field magic.
3.) That Favre magic.

With this display of how a team can self-destruct as they did against Philadelphia, the Packers have again proven that they are and will be among the bottom feeders of the NFC. A win against a Viking team that does not appear to be as good as many thought gave us Packer fans a sense of hope.... That was dashed by a Team that showed heart and beat us in our own place....

Falcons, Vikings, Chiefs and now the Eagles...... I think we can put to rest that myth of the Packers having the best homefield advantage. Teams no longer fear coming into Lambeau. Maybe the critics are right ... maybe this team isn't tough enough.

Brett.... Thanks for the memories.... But maybe it is time to step aside...  I know the streak is a huge thing... But the team cannot overcome the fumbles and interceptions. We can put to sleep the under 32 degrees myth... It seems like the King of the Comeback has lost the magic.

All in all.. this is not a very solid football team. One that has made to many personnel mistakes to overcome. One that has lost its swagger....Might it be time to say welcome back to the 80's?

James Marx, La Crosse, Wis.

Packer Report,

I knew it,the defense played strong all night,but when the game was on the line they folded. Bhawoh Jue is garbage. He cost the Packers the game tonight as he did in the Chiefs game. I hope he is cut at the end of the year, or before.

This loss sucks more than any of the others; we beat Philly up and down the field tonight only to lose it at the end.
Peter Schwind, Lima Ohio

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Packer Report,

I hope all Packer fans see a change in the upcoming weeks! It was sad to see Brett fumble the ball on the last chance for a tie Monday night. Yes, I too believe that Brett is great when healthy, but needs to know when he is hurting the teams chance for a victory. Ahman Green had a great game, give him the ball. Had the Pack gotten a first down their last possession we would have won. The "prevent defense" is a joke, and not just in Green Bay, it only produces losses and bad numbers. Our defense needs a big name that can put a pass rush on every down. If we continue to give quarterbacks time to throw the ball, they will be successful. I've been a Packer Fan since I was born. A shareholder since the last offering. We need a defense that will not tire in the fourth quarter.
Don DeMario,
Harrisburg, IL

Packer Report,

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the myth of Favre still being the best. If you look at the quarterbacks that we are playing against, they are doing the things that Favre used to do. The announcers just continue to rave about him every time he does something well, but they aren't as complimentary about the quarterbacks that are beating us! In my opinion, Favre is a "hungo" and wants to play every down.

It was obvious that he couldn't hold onto a wet ball, and he was doing nothing in the passing department. Our lackluster coaching staff is apparently too blind to see the obvious, so Favre didn't pull out and they didn't pull him out. The defensive coach must go, and Sherman must give up his GM position and work at trying to save his job as head coach. We must develop a solid backup to Favre so that we aren't in the position we are in now...and Peterson could have handed off to Green just as well as anyone in the league. Sherman is taking a powerhouse team and turning it into an also-ran. Yes, we have lots of talent, but it's not being used correctly...if at all. It's just about time to start grooming players for next season. I love watching the Packers play and I wait all off-season to see them, and then we get these miserable, poorly-coached debacles. And someone tell Sherman to stop chewing gum on the sidelines like some old cow!
Grant Thomas,
Brookfield, WI


The turning point that solidified the fate of the Packers to me occurred when up 7-3 our genius coach decided to run a draw play on third down in definite field goal position. Not only was this another horrible play call but it took us out of field goal range considering the elements. Will Sherman ever understand what he has at his disposal. I never have seen a coach do so little with so much in my life. To predictable, and I can only hope something is done before Favre decides to hang it up. I still believe in the Packers, but unless Sherman and crew can figure out how to call a game, I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Packer Report,

First of all, I would like to express my disgust with all of the so-called fans who are constantly bashing Favre and saying that he should retire. I am a life long Packer fan who is tired of hearing it. We have been able to watch one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this game for the last twelve years. He is a proven winner. My suggestion to all of you bandwagon fans is to jump off and put a tear in your beer for one of the other 31 teams in the league. You sound like Vikings fans.

Now to the reason why I decided to write in the first place. I am sitting here after the Monday night game against the Eagles and wondering, where the heck is the defense? I will give a team a slow start. But other than a few flashes here and there, the defense's slow start has not even begun to pick up speed. Their play is nowhere near their potential. So far the best player is rookie Nick Barnett who is still learning the defense. Nobody is getting consistent pressure on quarterbacks, they can't seem to be able to stop the run and the corners are playing way too soft.

It would be easy to call players out, but they are professionals and should know who is not making the plays. It's not like it hasn't been obvious. There is no hunger, no fire to make plays or cause turn-overs. What is most disturbing is that this is the basically the same defense from last year that won the turn-over battle weekly. Difference is this unit is richer. There is also an obvious lack of conditioning. All that have to say to the defense is that you better had start to stoke some fire under your rear-ends and start to make some plays. If not, then you need to open your checkbooks and give some of your riches back until you earn it. The offense and special teams have shown a fire, now it's your turn.
Chris Willems
Waukegan, IL

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