Is Green Fumbling an MVP Award?

After losing the ball on Monday night, Ahman Green looked at his hands (pictured) as if wondering how they could have betrayed him. Green's fumbling challenges continued on Monday, and Laura looks at how Green's problems have affected him and the team.

At the half-way point of the season, the MVP talk has already revved up. Thanks to his  NFC-leading 1,063 yards in nine games, Ahman Green's name is definitely on the list. But exactly how much will fumbles cost the Packer's powerful RB – and his team?

The Packers' perfect mark when Green rushes for more than 100 yards was first marred in the wrenching OT loss to the Chiefs.  That time, the win literally slipped from Green's hands with a fumble that ended a probable game-winning drive.

Monday night put another black mark on the running back's resume. His first-quarter fumble ended a drive into Eagle's territory, and bumped his lost fumbles this season to a career-high of five.

The lost fumbles, exactly one in each loss, definitely put a damper on Green's impressive yardage records, he said. Even as he smashes through milestones at an alarming rate, he knows that the turnover's role in the losses, including three at previously perfect Lambeau Field, mean more to the team right now.

"I don't really care what I do personally," Green said. "It's difficult to enjoy things when you lose.

The fumble-prone tag is one that Green has worked to shake since coming over from Seattle in 2000. In his only season with Mike Holmgren's Seahawks, he had 211 yards rushing in 14 games and also served as a kick returner, but reportedly incurred the wrath of Holmgren over fumbles.

In the teams' meeting this year, Green rushed for 118 yards without coughing up the ball once as the Packers rolled over the Seahawks 35-13.

Will this season be remembered for Green's prolific run into the record books, or as one that was fumbled away? That depends on where the 4-5 Packers end up seven games from now.

"I don't think we have dug ourselves too deep of a hole," Green said. "Nothing is over until the season is over. We don't know where we're going to end up. All we can do is correct our mistakes on move on."

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