Thursday Packer Trivia

Laura offers some brain teasers to help forget a bad Monday Night...

Monday's disappointing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles marked the lowest scoring Monday Night Football game ever at Lambeau Field. The Packers have been part of ABC's prime-time lineup since 1970, but Lambeau didn't get any air-time until the Pack upset the Patriots 27-14 on Oct. 1, 1979 in Green Bay. Since then, Lambeau Field has been the site of a dozen Monday Night games. While the most recent witnessed a low-scoring mark, Green Bay's MNF run also includes the highest scoring game in the prime-time series' history.

Twenty years ago, it was a memorable Monday indeed when the Packers out-gunned the defending champion Washington Redskins 48-47 in at Lambeau Field. Test your memory of that Oct. 17, 1983 contest which featured 11 touchdowns, 11 extra points, six made field goals and one important miss.

1. In addition to starting QBs Lynn Dickey and Joe Theismann, which other player completed a pass in the game?
A. Billy Kilmer
B. David Whitehurst
C. James Lofton
D. Eddie Lee Ivery 

2. Which one of these Packers did NOT score a touchdown in this game?
A. James Lofton
B. Gary Lewis
C. Gerry Ellis
D. Mike Meade

3. This player scored the Redskins' first TD. The next time he scored a touchdown at Lambeau was six years later - as a Packer.
A. Joe Washington
B. Clint Didier
C. Phil Epps
D. John Riggins

4. Who was the game's high scorer?
A. Gerry Ellis
B. Art Monk
C. Jan Stenerud
D. Mark Moseley

5. WHO AM I:

  • I scored the Packers' first TD just 1:07 into the game on a 22-yard play.
  • I had four TDs during the '83 season.
  • I was drafted in the fifth round of the '78 draft out of San Diego State, where I earned an industrial arts degree.
  • Still need another clue? Here's an easy one: My nickname is "Mad Dog."

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  1. D, Eddie Lee Ivery. The running back completed a 35-yard pass, which accounted for more yardage than his rushing and receiving combined.
  2. A, James Lofton. Lofton caught 5 passes for 96 yards but did not get into the end zone, which broke his streak of four consecutive games at Lambeau with a TD.
  3. B, Clint Didier. The tight end scored the first offensive TD of the game when he recovered a teammate's fumble in the end zone. Six years later, he claimed the Packers' first TD in a game much better known for their second score – the 14-13 "Instant Replay" win over the Bears on Nov. 5, 1989.
  4. D, Mark Moseley. The Redskins' kicker contributed 17 points in the game with five extra points plus field goals of 42, 28, 31 and 28 yards. It was his miss from 39 yards as time expired that was his most memorable play of the game.
  5. WHO AM I? Linebacker Mike Douglass

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