Aikman on the Packers

Ex-quarterback predicts good day for Favre

Following are comments made today by Troy Aikman on the Green Bay Packers on Sporting News Radio. Aikman's guest on the show was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green.

"They have not played well at Raymond James Stadium, in fact they haven't won a game there in five tries," Aikman said. "Can they win? Yes, they can but it's going to be a difficult test for them. As far as Brett Favre, Monday night, theconditions were awful so I wouldn't read too much into the struggles that he had gripping the ball. He had shown the week before against Minnesota thatwasn't really a factor. The weather is supposed to be great for this game."

"I think Brett will play extremely well. Green Bay they had golden opportunity to close the gap on Minnesota because of Minnesota's lost last week and they failed to do that. This is a real important game for them to keep pace with Minnesota. These are two teams having been in the same division for all those years, they know each other very well."

The Troy Aikman Show airs Thursdays at 5pm ET nationwide on Sporting News Radio.

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