Coach's Corner

Here's how Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Tom Rossley recently responded to questions from Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth and other members of the media:

Is there any change of emphasis on who the go-to guy is this year?
"No, that doesn't come into it at all. (Brett Favre) just goes through his reads and it's based on coverage. We try to get various formations and motions. It's kind of luck of the draw sometimes on what they're playing and where the ball is going to come out."

How much improvement has Bill Schroeder made from last year to this year?
"I thought about mid-season last year Billy just started playing. He's practiced real hard this offseason. He had a good training camp and good start to the season so far."

How do you feel about the firepower of the offense compared to last year?
"I think we've got a few more weapons. Our weapons are a little older and we've got more depth. We've got depth at receiver, and I think David Martin helps us in the absence of Tyrone Davis. Dorsey's back. We're in good shape. We should score some points everytime we go out."

Do you have a more balanced attack this year?
"I feel good about our running backs, tight ends and wideouts. That kind of spreads it out. We feel like we can move the ball around and throw it to our backs, or throw it to our tight ends and wideouts."

How much flexibility is there in the offense with tight end David Martin able to line up as a receiver and a tight end?
"I think it really presents problems when we put the two backs (Ahman Green and Dorsey Levens) out there together. We did that a little bit with Rondell (Mealey, against Carolina). We just like to strike from different areas and give them different looks, and not let them get comfortable with how we're aligned or where we're going with the ball. I think that's helped us.

"Brett's done a nice job of mixing it up. It's nice to have different personnel groups and we've got confidence in those groups. We've got confidence in all of our receivers and tight ends, and William (Henderson), and base personnel. It helps keeps some guys rested."

How is Rondell Mealey progressing?
"I thought he's done some good things. He's an up and coming young back that filled in well for Dorsey. You get a guy down and guys have stepped up and filling in."

How would you rate William Henderson among other fullbacks in the league?
"I haven't really studied other fullbacks. I just know we're real pleased with the way William's playing right now. We've been giving the ball to him a few times instead of just using him as a blocker. He's got good hands. He's made some good catches for us and has had some good runs. ... I think he's liking that part of his role."

Are you trying to get Henderson more involved in the offense?
"We try to mix it around so they can't key on one person. We don't want to soley give it to Ahman (Green), but we do want the ball in Ahman's hands. William's a blocker. Ahman's a runner."

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