Thursday Morning Trivia!

Here are some more brain-teasers for a Thursday morning...

At the rate Ahman Green is going, he may soon be the answer to any trivia question which begins "Which  Packer running back holds the record for…." Until then, test your knowledge of Packer rushers with this week's trivia quiz.

1. Which player was the first running back since John Brockington to lead the Packers in rushing three consecutive seasons?

A. Kenneth Davis
B. Terdell Middleton
C. Edgar Bennett
D. Brent Fullwood

2. Dorsey Levens led Green Bay rushing in 1997 and 1999, but was dethroned by a slim margin during the 1998 season. Who led the Packers in rushing in '98?

A. Darick Holmes
B. Edgar Bennett
C. Travis Jervey
D. Keith Woodside

3. Who was the franchise's first 1,000 yard rusher?

A. Jim Taylor
B. Tony Canadeo
C. Curly Lambeau
D. Clarke Hinkle

4. Which Packer running back was not a first-round draft pick?

A. Brent Fullwood
B. Eddie Lee Ivery
C. Barty Smith
D. Kenneth Davis

5. WHO AM I? See how many of these progressively easier clues you need:

  • I played two seasons for the Packers, separated by one season on non-football injured reserve due to a neck injury incurred while helping train the U.S. women's ski team for the '84 Olympics.
  • I was drafted in the second round of the 1982 draft out of Utah, where I was the first 1,000-yard rusher in school history.
  • My greatest Packer moment may have been a 97-yard kickoff return to help beat the Bears – in a game that featured Walter Payton at quarterback.
  • My nickname is "Popcorn."

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  1. C, Edgar Bennett. The fourth-round draft pick out of Florida State topped Packer rushing in 1994, '95 and '96.
  2. A, Darick Holmes. Contract snags and injuries caused the Packers to use a running back-by-committee approach during the final year of the Holmgren era. Holmes led the team with 386 yards on 93 carries and just one touchdown in his only season with the Packers.
  3. B, Tony Canadeo. The "Gray Ghost of Gonzaga" piled up an unheard of 1,052 yards on 208 carries in 1949 – more yards than his previous two seasons combined. It took the Packers 27 seasons to produce a 1,000-yard rusher, and no one else would accomplish the mark for another 11 years until Taylor made it a habit.
  4. D, Kenneth Davis. The TCU product was the first player selected by the Packers in the 1986 draft, but was taken in the second round (41st overall). Green Bay had dealt their first round pick (14th) to San Diego in the Mossy Cade trade. Forrest Gregg was the architect of that one.
  5. WHO AM I? Del Rodgers ('82, '84).

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