Broken Thumb Becoming Sore Subject for Favre

Getting hurt is one thing. Having reporters and everyone else around the Packers ask you about it constantly is quite another. Packers QB Brett Favre is getting a bit irritated by all the fuss. Laura Veras Marran brings you the story...

The only thing that's been irritating Brett Favre more than his broken right thumb are the daily questions about the injury.

Favre injured the thumb Oct. 19 at St. Louis. According to team doctors, there has been no change in the severity of the injury due to the three games since.

"I'm not a doctor, but it looks the same as last week," Favre said. "I don't know if it was going to change that much anyway now that I got it hit. It doesn't really feel any different. It's still sore."

The thumb has been tested, and then some. Favre made a diving tackle after an interception vs. Philadelphia, and during last weekend's win at Tampa Bay, Favre banged the thumb hard on guard Mike Wahle's helmet.

Favre said he hasn't talked with team physician Patrick McKenzie about the thumb since the break was discovered on Oct. 20.

"I figured, heck, if I can play, who cares," Favre said. "(Dr. McKenzie) looked at x-rays (Wednesday) and I didn't even talk to him about it because I figured I'm fine. No one came and pulled me out of meetings or anything, so I'm pretty sure it was okay."

Coach Mike Sherman tried to put an end to questions concerning Favre's thumb by emphasizing that nothing has changed, and most likely, nothing will change until after the season when an assessment of the healing process can be made.

"He hurt the thumb," Sherman said. "It's painful. But as far as the injury is concerned, it's the same injury. That's not changing."

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