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Coach's post-game comments

Here are some of Green Bay Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman's comments to the media after his team's 22-14 loss to the Detroit Lions today:

On the team's five turnovers:
"I think we just lost this game in the beginning. We had played four, tough emotionally packed ball games previous to this one and I don't feel like we had what we needed to have in order to win this game on Thanksgiving in their place. You've got to be ready every week. Certainly turnovers contributed to that, but everybody lost this ball game."

On if he thought Packers defense upped its level of play after the first quarter:
"The interception by Mike McKenzie gave us great field position. Special teams did a good job. We had a kickoff return that gave us great field position, but we turned the ball over to them and they were negated. I thought the defense responded better in the second half, obviously."

On Favre's interceptions:
"He did make some good throws, but there are some throws he probably wished he had back."

On the Lions' defense:
"They did a great job with their backside pursuit and cutting back the backside lanes. I think that contributed to a lot of it. I thought they did a great job of collapsing the backside lanes and squeezing the football. They seemed to compress us and make plays. We didn't get the cut-back lanes that we've gotten in the past."

On his team's lack of third-down conversions (1 of 9):
"We had some pressure on the quarterback, number one."

On his thoughts on the stretch run:
"Things are a little more complicated, obviously, because we had a chance to control things here and now we lost control. But we have four games left and we're going to give it our very best against Chicago at home next week and take it from there."

On missing Darren Sharper and Nick Barnett:
"They were missing some guys as well. We were missing some guys, but in this league and this day and age you better be ready to play. Everybody here is on scholarship and they all have to play. If they're on the team, we have to count on them to make the plays. Is it difficult when we take Sharper and Barnett out of the game, yeah, but we have guys who have to step in to make those plays and make that adjustment."

On penalties and if his team lacks discipline:
"A lack of discipline I don't think is determined lack of disciplined by two plays in the ball game. We don't get many penalties during the course of the season, or we haven't anyways. Are those acceptable? No. They were costly, and I don't anticipate we'll have them again."

On Detroit's defensive line:
"They created a lot of pressure. ... Both interceptions were a result of what was coming in the quarterback's face."

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