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Packers and Lions players post-game quotes straight from the locker room!

Packers QB Brett Favre:

On his thoughts about the effort today:
"Well obviously it wasn't good enough to win. Give a lot of credit to Detroit. We knew they were going to come in and give their best and they did. Without looking at the film it's hard for me to comment on that. I can only talk about what I did and how I thought the offense did. We made some plays and I'm sure we left a lot out there. With effort, if you are talking about guys giving it there al - I don't know without watching the film. I felt like both sides played a hard football game. Their defensive front four, like our guys said, are the best we will face and they are. They put pressure on you and they are stout against the running game. We like to think we are a pretty good team too but we weren't good enough today."

On his performance today:
"It's a lot like everything else - It wasn't good enough to win. There's next week."

On Dré Bly:
"The coverage on both interceptions was two man meaning there are two deep with man coverage underneath. The type of man coverage they play is inside - where you would like to attack is outside. I think he is a very good player and that's why Detroit picked him up. The second one to Donald was actually a double post and I gave him an audible at the line running an out cut. I felt like I made a good throw, maybe I was a hair late. I didn't see the end of it I got knocked down and I may have been late and he guessed a little bit which part of this game is. Sometimes you guess and you guess wrong and maybe he didn't guess but just knew what was coming."

On if this is a better Lions team than they faced earlier in the game: "Obviously the score would indicate that and in the past we struggled playing these guys over here. I knew it would be a tough game. I expected to win the football game and I still feel like we should have won but we didn't. They are better than they were last week against Minnesota. They played well and this team is not as bad as their record may indicate."

Packers LB Na'il Diggs

On the Lions performance today:
"They kept catching up with us today - no matter what we did as a defense. The points they scored in the first half and what they did in the first half lingered on in the second half even though we didn't really do anything they were still hanging on our back."

On the frustration of the loss:
"I'm not rating a team but we have everything to lose and they had really nothing to lose. They wanted to take what we were fighting for and they did."

Packers WR Donald Driver

On the Packers performance today:
"We didn't play too well today. We had the opportunity to do something today and the Lions wanted it more than we did."

On the emotion of the team:
"Maybe we were a little over confident today. We made a lot of mistakes in this game and it cost us."

On how Favre played:
"Brett played well and things happened. You have to make corrections and come back and play next week. We have to put this behind us and get ready for next week."

On if they were over-confident:
"We came in here over-confident. We thought we could come in beat these guys and go home and be 7-5. Instead, they are 4-8 and we are sitting at 6-6. Now they feel like they are not out of it and maybe they can win the next four and jump back in. Our goal was to come in and win and we stunk up the place."

Lions CB Dre Bly

On his play this season:
"I just believe that right now I'm playing my best football. Right now I'm in my prime and the best football for me is ahead of me. I've just been believing in myself and just been able to make some key plays for me."

On how this game ranks in his career:
"Right up there with that Super Bowl in 1999. Just to play in front of a national stage, to be able receive this 'Gobbler' award and just to be able to experience what we did today. It was great, a great feeling."

On whether when he forced that fumble he felt like he needed to make a big play:
"Defensively in the first half, we came out kind of sluggish. They were able to move the ball and the offense came out so strong with moving the ball. Joey was hitting his targets and guys were getting open. We had a balanced attack offensively and to come out in the second half to be able to create turnovers, that was key. That's what we did last week against Minnesota, but we fell short. Today we were able to come up big defensively. We played well offensively. It was just a total effort. It's just a great feeling to be victorious."

On if he thinks he made a Pro Bowl statement:
"I just want to win games. If the chips fall that way, then good, but like I said, I'm just glad to be a part of this. I've been playing sandlot football on Thanksgiving Day for the longest time, but to be able to experience this victory today it's a great feeling."

On if the other players told him about the significance of playing on Thanksgiving:
"Well, (Robert) Porcher, a couple of the older guys, and Luther (Elliss) were saying that 'This is a big stage to make a point. This is your first year and you've been playing well all year, but to really make your point in front of the world, it's yours to do today.' I was just glad to be apart of what we were able to do today and I was able to make some key plays, but it's not about me. It's about the way we played defensively, offensively and special teams. If we play like that the rest of the year, no matter who we play, the Chiefs, the Rams, then I like our chances."

Lions WR Az-Zahir Hakim

On feeling good about getting more involved in the offense:
"Most definitely. I think this was a very special game. It was unfortunate that I had to miss last year's Thanksgiving game but at the same time we all need to be thankful for a lot of things. My family is up for this whole week for this special Thanksgiving Day game and I just wanted to go out there and contribute by any means necessary and make plays."

On the offense clicking in the first half:
"As an offense we all came together and we all wanted to play physical football with the linemen up front and the receivers as far as being aggressive to the ball. We communicated and we went out there and did it. We executed really well in the first half."

On if the Packers' defense in the second half surprised them:
"The second half we struggled a little bit but at the same time we weren't doing the same things we were doing the first half. I think if we would have stayed basic and allowed Joey to make his basic reads as far as our basic plays we would have easily been able to move the ball down the field."

Lions K Jason Hanson

On his kicking today and not missing:
"It felt good. I wish that I never miss, but I do. I was upset about last week but I came back and worked hard this week and I didn't want to get too wound up about one miss even though you expect to make it. We worked hard, did what we've been doing all year, Nick (Harris) did a great job on a couple of holds today which really was key and it feels great."

On always being prepared to kick multiple field goals a game:
"I can't remember the last time I kicked a field goal where I felt like 'well, this one really doesn't matter.' Every kick it feels like it's to get us in it, it's to put us up by a couple, it's to extend the lead just enough. We have a losing record but I feel like I've been through the pressure cooker because they've all been big field goals. That's kind of good in a sense that you stay ready every week and you don't ever let up. I would say it feels really good to do it."

On having to make a big tackle on Packers' running back Najeh Davenport:
"I'm not afraid to say it, that hurt. I just tackled his legs and that hurt and my head was ringing. He's a big boy and he had a head of steam"

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