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Packers fans vent after loss

Here are letters e-mailed to Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth in the wake of Green Bay's 22-14 Thanksgiving Day loss to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit:

Dear Mr. Korth,

Okay, Packer fans, calm down. Yes, we're only 6-6 as of Thanksgiving Day, but please consider that this is is the NFL. Anything can happen, and we have Brett Favre. As such, we're not only still in the hunt, but haven't had a losing season since 1991. How many teams can say even that much?

What we saw on Thursday was typical of a young, inexperienced, and thus very inconsistent football team. Yes, Green and the offensive line have been spectacular, but the defense has been patchworked all year, while the wideouts are making some critical "youth" mental mistakes: Causing interceptions by letting Favre's bullet passes hit them in the numbers and bounce to opposing DBs, or making thoughtless errors in the running of their routes. (If you study the films, precious few of Favre's picks this year have actually been his fault). This is not a lack of talent on anyone's part, it is the absence of experience. Experience leads to proper execution, and in time, it will come.

Moreover, I had the honor to talk to Mike Sherman before the game on Opening Weekend. I know for certain that this man is RIGHT for the job! Sherman has more passion for this team, more love for its players and its history than any of those "fans" who criticize him in this "Letters" column. He's done the best with what he's been given, and we will get better! Brett will have a second Super Bowl ring before he's through, and it will get done with Mike Sherman at the helm.

Most of you gripers nowadays haven't a clue what it was like to root for the team from 1968-91, when we were largely dreadful. I loved them then, still do, and always will. A real fan loves the team win or lose, year in and year out.

Finally, I'd love to trade game tapes with someone who has a clean copy of the Nov. 2nd victory in Minnesota, preferably in SP mode. My defective VHS tape jammed, and is now worthless. E-mail me please.

Forever a fan (since '61), John T.R. Gorman
Original Packer Report Subscriber, and Shareholder, Lenexa, KS,

Dear editor,

After it was obvious that Brett had injured his thumb, was in pain, and was having ball control problems, Mike Sherman should have put in Doug Pederson in Detroit.

In fact, he should have started Pederson and forced Brett Favre to rest his thumb for a solid two weeks until the Bears game on December 7th.

Brett's the best quarterback in football, but Pederson could have won this game, and Brett could have rested for two weeks, not re-injuring the thumb. Thumbs down for bad decision making.

John C. Stauber, Madison, WI

Packer Report,

I've never seen a team that has to run the table to make the playoffs sleepwalk its way through the first half of a football game. It's obvious to me that Detroit came to play. What'd the Packers think they were going to lay down for them?

All I can say is the Green Bay Packers do not deserve to go to the playoffs after the way they played today. I never thought I would ever say this, but Brett Favre was absolutely horrible today. For that matter the whole team sucked. They came out sleepwalking from the get go and they failed to match the intensity level of the Lions.

I don't know about the rest of the Packer fans, but I am embarrassed by this team today. If the Packers aren't going to make the playoffs, I'd like to see Craig Nall get some playing time. After all, he is our future QB and he needs the experience. Favre can rest his thumb, and decide what he's going to do next year.

Peter Schwind, Lima Ohio

Dear Packer Report,

I've stayed loyal through a very difficult year. We drive to Green Bay from Minneapolis for every home game. I keep telling people that we will come around and be one of the teams to beat in the playoffs. But after the Lions game, enough is enough. I'm totally embarrassed right now to be a loyal Packer fan. If Mike Sherman says "We need to get that fixed" one more time I think I'll get sick! When you have far superior talent, as the Packers did against the Lions (and Cardinals) and still lose, it's either inferior coaching or your players have no heart and desire. So, which is it?

With the entire season on the line against one of the worst teams in the league, with a national Thanksgiving audience, the Packers slept through the entire first half and made enough mistakes in the second half to throw the season away without. Bad blocking, tackling, pass coverage and decision-making. Stupid personal fouls, terrible throws by Brett, lazy routes by receivers and another confusing offensive game plan that left you scratching your head and wondering. All of this unfolded while the coaching staff once again looked confused and apparently had no idea how to make adjustments as the game evolved. It's time for someone above Mike Sherman to "get this thing fixed" and that should include finding a head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator who might have a clue as to how to get a talented group of football players fired up and playing up to their capabilities! Anyone looking for Bears tickets?

Dick Hendricks, Maple Grove, Minn.

Well Todd, I'm really stuck with a sick feeling. This wasn't supposed to happen especially after great victories at Tampa and against the 49ers. I even got out my Vince Lombardi picture and aimed it at the TV for some extra mojo but to no avail. With the exception of a handful of plays the Packers just flat out looked tired and moldy today. This armchair general also questioned some of Tom Rossley's play-calling. I give credit to the Lions. They lived up to there name and deserved to win.

I would much rather rely on a winning Packers team than have to rely on the Vikings losing to win the North Central.

Bottom Line: The Packers have to play more consistent to make the playoffs otherwise they really don't deserve to be there.


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