Questionable Decisions

Coach Mike Sherman admits mistakes, despite his team's victory over the Bears...

Packers coach Mike Sherman elected to go for a two-point conversion, which the Packers converted, after Mike McKenzie's 90-yard interception return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter made the score 25-14. Had the Packers missed the conversion, the Bears would have only trailed by a touchdown, a two-point conversion, and a field goal. Had they kicked the extra point successfully instead of going for two, they would have forced the Bears to score two touchdowns in the final 9:16 to go ahead.

"I just relied on the chart on that one," said Sherman. "Sometimes I go by my gut. Particularly for the first three quarters, I usually go by instinct... like in the first half, the chart says, ‘Go for two,' and I didn't because that's too early for me. But at that point, the chart said, ‘Go for two,' and I thought it gave us what we needed to get at that point. I relied on the chart for that one."

Sherman did admit after Green Bay's 34-21 victory that his decision to take a time out just before halftime was a mistake. With five seconds remaining, it allowed the Bears to run one more play on fourth down to take a shot at end zone as time expired. Safety Darren Sharper ended up intercepting the pass at the goal line and returning it 50 yards to end the half.

"It was a mistake on my part," said Sherman of his decision to call a time out. "I was thinking I could block a punt and got a little too greedy there, and it ended up backfiring. That will never happen again."

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