Raiders May Dare Favre to Throw

The Oakland Raiders are the last-ranked team against the run, and now they get to face Ahman Green. Why does that suggest that Brett Favre may have a big day? Laura has the analysis...

The San Diego Chargers, a team relatively unfamiliar with the Packers, learned something Sunday. They learned that saying that they'd rather see Brett Favre with the ball and daring him to win probably wasn't a wise approach.

Will Oakland make the same mistake Monday night?

Oakland, dead last in the league vs. the run allowing 149.4 yards per game, may have no choice. The Raiders' middle-of-the-pack passing defense may be their best bet – by default.

"If you want to load up and take away the run and give the ball to Brett, you go right ahead," said center Mike Flanagan.

Favre will be playing his eighth game with a broken thumb. The pain and the splint remain, but so do the touchdowns with four in Green Bay's 38-21 win over the Chargers. That means that the Raiders probably won't fall into the same trap that the Chargers did when they discounted Favre.

"I don't blame them. I'm old and washed up," said Favre after the game. "That doesn't bother me."

Favre was 23 of 33 for 278 yards and a QB rating of 122.2 Sunday. That put an end to the talk about the Packers' record when Favre throws under 200 or even 100 yards.

The teammates who know Favre best were incredulous that an opponent would take on Favre for motivation. So while Oakland may have a better shot at stopping the pass than the run based on their previous 14 outings, don't expect any pre-game pop offs about beating Brett.

"They've been saying that for the last couple weeks and he's been burning them for the last couple weeks," guard Mike Wahle said. "So keep talking. I don't know why you'd ever want to say anything bad about that guy. That's absolutely idiotic to challenge him in any way if you're an opponent."

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