Favre Says He's Staying

Laura writes about Brett's decision to stick around

Quarterback Brett Favre sent fans a some holiday cheer when he said this week that he will be back in 2004.

"I have every intention of coming back," Favre said. I see no reason why I shouldn't come back and play. It's a young team with a good future. I still feel I can play with the best of them."

Favre spread the word at his weekly news conference and in broadcast interviews this week as well. The only reference he made to his eventual retirement was saying he wasn't going to "wait around ‘til I'm 50 trying to win another Super Bowl."

After struggling with a broken thumb and a possibly connected inflated interception total, Favre looked like his old – or young – self last week in a four-TD effort to beat San Diego. Now the Packers are in the thick of the playoff race, tied atop the NFC North heading into the final two weeks of the regular season. Not a bad time to peak.

"Yeah, I've been hurt this year, but I've played and I can't complain," Favre said. "I'm having fun playing as good football as I feel like I've played in my career. We're still winning. We're still have a shot for the playoffs."

Rumors of dissention among the Packer ranks regarding Favre, raised by broadcaster Terry Bradshaw on a Fox broadcast last weekend, were laughed off by Favre, his coaches and his teammates.

"It's so far from the truth, I don't give it any credence whatsoever," coach Mike Sherman said. "We have a Hall of Fame quarterback who acts like he's a free agent out there sometimes. What a lesson that is for these guys today."

Favre received his eighth Pro Bowl honor Thursday, combining the votes of fans, coaches, and most importantly, fellow players.

"Brett is a champion, and I expect him to come out here and compete," said fullback William Henderson.

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