Aikman MNF Preview on Packers

Green Bay has to continue to be consistent

Here are comments by former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman on the Troy Aikman Show on Sporting News Radio regarding Green Bay's upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Oakland Raiders:

"If you're the Packers, you have to say that they've been given a good opportunity right now to get into the playoffs. Early in the season, 3-4 weeks ago they had opportunities to really get back into the hunt, take a step ahead of Minnesota in that division and they failed to do it. Now they have and have really run out of reasons as to why they don't play as well as they can play every weekend. They've got to understand the playoffs start right now for them they need to keep winning, get into the playoffs and see what they can do. If they don't go to Oakland and play a good football game then it's a lot what Miami went through on Monday night, then this team is just not a playoff team. If they can't recognize what's in front of them and play well, then they don't deserve to be in the playoffs anyway," Aikman said.

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