Playoff Trivia Time

Test your recall of these memorable moments...

Playoff games automatically rank as memorable occasions, even for modern-day Packer fans who have enjoyed the luxury of rooting for a playoff team nine of the past 11 seasons. How many of these great playoff moments do you recall?

1. Who caught three touchdown passes in the Packers 28-24 NFC Wild Card playoff win at Detroit Jan. 8, 1994?

A.     Sterling Sharpe

B.     Ed West

C.     Edgar Bennett

D.     Robert Brooks


2. Who ran out of the end zone for a safety to exhaust the clock in the Packers' 16-12 win over the Lions in an NFC Wild Card playoff game at Lambeau Field Dec. 31, 1994?

A.     Brett Favre

B.     Craig Hentrich

C.     Chris Jacke

D.     Edgar Bennett


3. Which rookie scooped up an Adam Walker fumble and sprinted into the end zone to help the Packers upset the defending champion 49ers at 3Com Park Jan. 6, 1996?

  1. Brian Williams
  2. Gabe Wilkins
  3. Craig Newsome
  4. Tyrone Williams


4. Who holds the Packer record for most rushing yards in a playoff game?

A. Edgar Bennett

B. Ahman Green

C. Jim Taylor

D. Dorsey Levens


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1. A, Sterling Sharpe. The receiver already had two TD catches of 12 and 28 yards when he found himself on the business end of one of the most exciting finishes in Packer history. The Lions had taken a 24-21 win with just a few minutes remaining in the Pack's first playoff game in 11 years. With their final drive seemingly stalled, Favre scrambled left, turned around, threw across his body to the extreme right corner of the end zone for a 40 yard TD with 55 seconds remaining.

2.  B, Craig Hentrich. In a game that already saw the improbable happen when league rushing leader Barry Sanders was held to negative-1 yards, a punter running out the clock for the victory doesn't seem so strange. The Lions had closed to within 16-10 and the Packers had to punt from deep in their own end zone with seven seconds remaining. To avoid a return or any other turn of events for the Lions, Hentrich simply scrambled around in the end zone after receiving the snap, accepting an intentional safety. By the time the confused Lions caught on, time had expired.

3. C, Craig Newsome. The rookie cornerback, a late first-round draft pick out of Arizona State, earned his stripes on San Francisco's first play from scrimmage. Linebacker Wayne Simmons smacked 49ers' fullback Adam Walker after a screen pass. Walker coughed up the ball and Newsome scooped it up in stride and ran 31 yards for the score.

4. D, Dorsey Levens. The running back holds the top three spots on the list. His record-setting performance came with 116 yards rushing on 27 carries in a heartbreaking loss to the Niners in Mike Holmgren's final game as coach, Jan. 3, 1999. That performance bested Levens' previous record, of 114 yards set a year earlier in the NFC Championship game win in San Francisco (Jan. 11, 1998), which in turn topped the record Levens set a week earlier with 112 yards on 25 carries in the division playoff win over Tampa Bay at Lambeau Field Jan. 4, 1998.


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