Fan Feedback: Post-Vikings Game

I have a couple of observations about the Packers game against the Vikings.<p> First, the offensive play calling was absolutely horrible. So many of the plays were so conservative. So many more were just plain predictable and boring. What happened in one game to our vaunted offense?

Second, why do the Packers always come out so flat and uninspired at the start of the game? In nearly every game they just look terrible in their first series of plays or two. If they are still using that scripted plays approach, maybe they should ditch it. Those first 15 plays just plain stink most of the time.

Third, what happened to our defense in this game? Did the officiating have something to do with this. I counted only one holding penalty all game--that was on a running play! How in the world could the lowly Vikings keep out Kabeer and the rest of the line when the Packers line has more sacks than anybody--without getting caught for holding several times? And, to me it looked like the Vikes O-line was getting away with starting early on nearly every down. Same thing with their D-line, too! What is up with the officiating? Do they have to let the home team win in Tampa and Minnesota?

Fourth, what was with the defensive holding that they called and then called a no-penalty? This officiating crew was lousy.

Fifth, why do the Packers have such a hard time winning in Minnesota? I cannot understand how they can whip up on so many teams in the NFL and then lay an egg nearly every time out in Minnesota. This seems to be a mental block, and notice how they showed the stat that Brett has a terrible win-loss record in domed stadiums. If this is true, I know that Brett himself is probably very angry about it and will want to stop this nonsense. But whatever it is, they need to get over it, and start playing to win out there.

Last, the Packers should stew over this loss, especially the running up the score aspect toward the end of the game. When the Vikes come to Green Bay, let's repay them big team. They need to be defeated in the worst way.

Packer Report,
Been a Packer fan for 51yrs. and have to say I never have been so let down as I am now. Where the hell was the coachs` heads when they try to run Green on 4th & 2 in the metrodome. Longwell missing 2 trys inside a dome. Only thing I can think that they were all drunk or on something else!!!! I managed to watch the 1st qtr. and that was enough for me. Wish I had Shermans e-mail address. Biggest game of the year- bar none-and they blew it.

Hope to write you again in a better mood. Thanks for your articles in the Report.
Phil Jacobson,
Ft. Dodge, Ia.

Packer Report,
I have been a Packer fan for over 40 years and I believe I have never seen such a lack of effort, on nat'l TV, in my life. While we have EMS, NYPD, FDNY folks giving their "all" in New York City, for a measly 30-40K a year - while we have our Armed Forces in Afghanistan, in many cases risking their very lives for a paltry sum of money - and you sports "heros" making a substantial salary - you put on such a display. I would suggest, each and every one of you - donate this past weeks salary to the Sal- vation Army, in the name of the WTC victims - at least then you may be able to sleep at nite. To keep that week's salary for such a ridiculus display and effort - would be criminal!
Dick Barge
Georgetown, Texas

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