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The Packers know what Donovan McNabb can do from direct experience: November 10th's game taught that lesson well. Darren Sharper (pictured) answered questions today about defending against McNabb and the mindset of the Packers heading into this weekend's playoff game.

Darren Sharper fielded questions from the media this afternoon before practice in the Green Bay Packers locker room. Here is how the safety responded:

Q: On the Packers being an underdog to Eagles and if the Packers feel like ‘Rocky':
: "Feel like Rocky? Uh-uh. I think they're coming out with a ‘Rocky XI.' This could be a good preview to ‘Rocky XI'. They have a lot of tradition in Philadelphia. We're going into a new stadium. I'm kind of happy we're not going to Veterans Stadium because that place wasn't too fun to play in. It's going to be tough. It's going to be like one of those fights you saw in ‘Rocky I.' We're excited about it and looking forward to going in and playing well."

Q: On the Philadelphia fans in new stadium compared to the 'Vet:'
: "I think they have more elite fans now that they have suites and things like that. They don't just have the guys who came to watch real, real football. The fans now are a little quieter and not throwing stuff at you and saying some of the bad things about guys coming out and playing. They have a new stadium, but it's still going to be tough to go out there and play because they're at home."

Q: On defending against Donovan McNabb and his improvement this year:
: "I think it kind of started when we played them on Monday Night (Nov. 10) during that last drive. From then on, he's played like the MVP caliber player that he is. But it's different now. It's a playoff game. We know we're going to have to watch out for him. He's the catalyst on their team. But we think we have the people in here that can contain him and contain the players on their offense to win."

Q: On defending the Eagles without Brian Westbrook:
: "I definitely don't want to understate the importance of Westbrook. He was one of top guys on their offense. Without him, it will be a different scenario for us going in there and preparing to play against them. But (Correll) Buckhalter and (Duce) Staley are excellent backs. They can carry the load. Most teams just have one back who can come in. These guys are two starters that can do it all. We have to watch out for them, and the guy throwing the football we've got to watch out for."

Q: On feeling after Nov. 10 loss to Eagles that they'd like to play them again:
: "We felt we let it go. Whenever you let a team drive down the field in a certain situation, you look back on it and feel you could have done things differently. We think we should have won that game. We could have won that game, but we let ourselves down and they drove and made the plays they had to make."

Q: On Packers health and momentum going into game:
: "Last year we were probably on the opposite side of the spectrum we are on now. We weren't healthy. We were going in (the playoffs) on a loss. I don't know if we had the confidence we have now. We're an extremely confident team and feel we can beat anyone in the NFC. We know we can play with anybody. ... We feel we're doing all phases well right now, and this is a perfect time to do all phases well."

: On if he would rather have the week off or momentum going into this game:
: "Momentum, definitely. Rest is for the weary. There's no time to rest right now. (Not having a week off like the Eagles) We don't think it's going to be anything that's going to affect us right now. We hope that it's going to make us sharper going into the game and start the game off faster."

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