Aikman on the Packers

Former QB feels Green Bay has good chance of winning...

Following are comments made today by Troy Aikman on the Troy Aikman Show on Sporting News Radio.

Aikman on the Green Bay Packers and if they are the most suited team to win on the road this weekend:

"I believe of all the games if you are talking about a road team, that Green Bay has as good a chance as anybody of coming away from this game with a win. If they are able to do that, it would be the first time since they went to the six team format in 1990 that the four seed has won in the divisional game. So history is on the side of the Philadelphia Eagles. These two teams also met during the regular season in week ten, Green Bay had six fumbles in that ball game. They only lost two of those and Ahman Green had three of those fumbles. But what happened is that it killed drives. It was a very close ballgame. Donovan McNabb brought the Eagles back at the end of the game to win 17-14. If Green bay had just hung onto the football then they probably would have won that game. It's probably worth noting that Ahman Green has not had a fumble since that ball game. I think Green bay has done a much better job of protecting the football and if they are going to beat Philadelphia they are going to have to continue with that in this game on Sunday."

Aikman on Green Bay Packers Offensive Line

"It will be tough if you are rushing only four or five guys, it's going to harder to get pressure because these guys are athletic, they're all good, they've been playing together for a long time, none of these players have missed a game all season so they are playing with tremendous continuity. If you are going to get pressure on Brett Favre in passing downs, in order to get there, you are going to have to bring one more guy then what they are blocking. To do that, you do expose those corners in that secondary which has been banged up a little bit. So, those will be the match-ups that are worth watching come Sunday."

Aikman on what the players this weekend are going through right now heading into the games:

"It's pretty amazing because as excited as these wild card winners are to get a chance to go on the road and as excited as these divisional winners are that got a first round bye, as difficult as it is to go on the road and the real pressure in these games is going to be squarely on the shoulders of these home teams. There are so many expectations, they've had great years, they got the first round bye, it's going to be a complete collapse if any one of these four teams don't win at home. I really believe that these road teams, as hard as it may be, they get a chance to go in and be a little looser than the home team may be and they have a chance to play well and maybe upset one of these teams."

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