McNabb on Brett Favre

Donovan McNabb talks about facing off against Brett Favre

More than Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb wants to beat Brett Favre, he wants to be Brett Favre.

The paths of the Hall of Famer and the hopeful will cross Sunday in Philadelphia when the Eagles host the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional playoffs Sunday.

"To be on the same stage as Brett Favre is exciting for me," McNabb said. "Brett Favre is obviously a Hall of Famer and has done it for so many years. Every time he's on the field, everyone has to know exactly what he's doing."

The same can be said for McNabb. He had the game-winning touchdown pass and rushed for 26 yards on five carries – including a touchdown and two third-down conversions.

If McNabb aspires to be Favre, then he's in the right hands. Philly coach Andy was a Packer assistant coach for Favre's first seven seasons in Green Bay, and served as quarterbacks coach in 1997-98. The similarities in physical style and leadership qualities of McNabb and Favre are definitely not wasted on Reid.

Then there are the differences. Favre has two Super Bowls, and one championship ring to show for it. McNabb has taken his team to the conference title game two consecutive years, but haven't been able to reach the top of the mountain. Favre, with his records, his reputation, and even more so within the last month his heart, has proven all there is to prove.

"From my standpoint, I know I've been called on to be a leader in a lot of ways," Favre said. "I have been to the playoffs and I've had some success, but, just like I was saying about this team, that in itself doesn't really carry you.

McNabb is still in that process, although nine consecutive wins in the face of controversy gave a glimpse of his character.

"We all know that Favre goes in with a different attitude than most," McNabb said.

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