New Private Boxes Sold Out

The Packers announced on Wednesday that all 166 private boxes that will be available at the renovated and expanded Lambeau Field have been sold. There are about 200 people on the waiting list as well for the boxes, which will be leased for four- to seven-year terms.

"It is absolutely phenomenal that a full year before the new boxes are scheduled to open, we've leased them all," said Packers president Bob Harlan. "It shows us that not only is there a continuing market for this type of seating, but that people are willing to pay a premium price for it."

Eighty-two percent of current box holders purchased new private box leases. There remains a waiting list of more than 200.

Prices for the new boxes range from $57,500 to $115,000 per year, depending upon the box size and location. Tickets are included. Currently, the average annual price for a box at Lambeau is $48,000. "From a pricing and amenities standpoint, we are now in line with NFL standards," said Harlan.

There will be three sizes of private boxes:

– Champion: Averaging 388 square feet, with seating for up 20

– Legend: Averaging 492 square feet, with seating for up to 25

– Super: Averaging 814 square feet, with seating for up to 30

The current skyboxes average 288 square feet in size and seat up to 16. In addition to being larger than current boxes, the new private boxes will also offer many more amenities, including:

– Awning windows which can be opened, allowing more of the crowd noise inside

– Larger entry way including expanded coat closet and cupboard space, as well as more counter space

– Year-round access to the box; giving the owners the opportunity to hold business meetings and social events in their box on non-game days

– Stadium Club access

– Invitations to exclusive box holder events

– Wood paneling and custom finishes

– Newsletter for box owners

– Two parking passes

– Private bathrooms in the Super boxes

The private boxes, which will be occupied by about 2,300 people, are expected to be ready for the 2002 season, according to the Packers. The team's retail store also is expected to be open inside the new atrium next year. The entire $295 million renovation project will be completed in time for the start of the 2003 season.

The renovation and expansion project will add about 10,000 seats to Lambeau Field, including 6,000 new general admission seats. Of those new general admission seats, 4,000 will be made available on a per game basis to Brown County residents through the use of a lottery system. An initial lottery registration was held in September 2000 and additional registrations will be held in the spring of 2003, prior to the stadium completion.

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