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Mike Sherman's post-game quotes to media

Here are some of Packers head coach/GM Mike Sherman's quotes to the media following Green Bay's 20-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in an NFC Divisional playoff game tonight at Lincoln Financial Field:

On his team overall:
"I'm proud of the way the guys played. They played their hearts out. They played their hearts out to get here. I'm disappointed more for them than in them. I wish we could have pulled this off today and we didn't. It's not unlike last week's game. Last week's game came down to a play. This one did not go in our favor."

On if he felt his team out-played the Eagles:
"You can only outplay a team if you beat them, in my mind. I take my hat off to Philadelphia and what they did today. They won the game here at their place. They did what they had to do. It's a very difficult loss. I thought our guys, and we were, ready to play this football game. I thought we jumped out, took the lead. I thought we had a lot of confidence. It's unfortunate we came up on the losing end."

On what he said to Brett Favre:
"I told him I was proud of him and how he played this season. He had a great year. You're talking about a quarterback that played this season with a broken thumb. We won 8 out of 11 games with him with a broken thumb. I don't know if there's another quarterback in football that would be able to lead a team that way in that situation. He continues to build on the legend of Brett Favre and the things he's accomplished this year under adversity is extraordinary. It's a credit not just to him as an athlete but as a man and what he stands for."

On fourth and 1 goal line play in second quarter:
"It's a straight-line play. It's not a power off-tackle play. It's a downhill play by the back. They penetrated and got us."

On Eagles' conversion last in fourth quarter on fourth and 26:
"We were in a quarters coverage there to keep things in front of us. They hit the receiver in the seam. I would have thought that coverage would be able to take care of that and I have to find out why."

On Brett Favre's interception in overtime:
"They brought the linebacker and strong safety off the edge. We threw it up and it obviously got intercepted. ... It shouldn't come down to that play and unfortunately it did."

On Donovan McNabb'a running:
"Donovan has taken off and won games with his feet. Obviously, he hasn't done it this year as much. I think he's been schooled up to not put himself in harm's way, but I think with a game like this, he elected to make some plays with his feet and he made his fair share of them."

On the future of Packers:
"I'm excited about the football team. I'm excited about the guys we've got coming back. I think we have a great nucleus here. We had some growing pains at the beginning of the season that we will not have next year. I believe there is an extreme amount of confidence in our players. They are certainly disappointed right now, but they certainly don't lack confidence and feel that they have the ability to play and play well, and play long. It didn't happen today, and they'll get their chance next year."

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