Quotes from the Locker Room

Packers feel they out-played Eagles...

Defensive coordinator Ed Donatell

On struggling to contain Donovan McNabb in second half:
"It was a very hard-fought football game and we came up on the short end today. I'm very proud of our players. These guys came together this year and worked their tails off. We'd sure feel better if we had that win right now."

On pressuring McNabb:
"We sacked him eight times, that's probably a record for this year. But he also ran for some yards as well. It all came down to a couple of the last drives. We wish we could have made a couple more plays. We wish we could have made a couple more plays. We'll be back next year, there's no doubt about it."

On Eagles conversion of fourth and 26 late in fourth quarter:
"He found a little seam on us. We're very disappointed. We feel we can make the execution to make that play next time, so next time we get in that situation we can correct it, make a play, go on and play some more."

On areas of defense that can be upgraded:
"It's been such a special year. People coming together toward a common cause here. It's a little early for me to go there right now. There's a lot of hurting people inside this locker room right now. I'm just pleased with our football team and the way our defense came together. We had five new starters. Some guys came mid-year and so forth. We just fell a little short this year."

Defensive end Chukie Nwokorie:

On losing to Eagles:
"What can you say? It's tough for us to take right now. If it was regular season, you can say, 'Hey we'll have another game to play, but we don't ... It's kind of sad to have it end this way."

On better team not winning:
"We should have won the game. We didn't take advantage of the opportunities."

On McNabb:
"He can run. He's strong. What can I say. That's why he gets paid."

Wide receiver Robert Ferguson:

On losing to Eagles:
"I don't want to feel like this again. We've got to understand that every play counts."

On if this hurts worse than losing to Atlanta last year in playoffs:
"It's a lot worse. Last year was different. We invested a lot into the second half of this year. We all believed that our time is now. This is hard.

On if he feels the Packers are the better team:
"Anytime I lose, I be a man to say they just played better, but ..."

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