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More comments from Packers players and coaches following yesterday's loss...

Mike McKenzie

On the 4th and 26 play:
I imagine it was just one of those plays. We were playing a soft coverage, we were trying to be very cautious and play it very easy and that's what hurt us. It's very disappointing you know. We lost to this team twice. It hurts."

On what he was thinking when he knew the Eagles were at 4th and 26:
"I mean I was thinking Super Bowl; going to the NFC Championship. Somehow, someway they were able to pull it off. We had to stop them. Whether it be 24, 25, even 25 and a half. We didn't do that today. Obviously we weren't good enough to get the job done defensively. The fate of this football team was in our hands and we couldn't seal it."

On Donovan McNabb's performance:
"My hat goes off to him. He played a great game. We tried to contain him and I think we did to a certain extent. He made some big plays that hurt us and really won this game for his team. He played very well today in spite of the pressure we put on him."

Bhawoh Jue

On how disappointing this loss is:
"This is very disappointing; there isn't another feeling like this in the world. I mean, we're not ready to go home. Any defense would love to be in the situation where it's 4th and 26. We had it man."

On what actually happened on the 4th and 26:
"I came from the other side; I can't tell you what was really going on over there. I just saw him running his route so I tried my best to get over to him; I was just a half a second too late."

On his thoughts about the game before the 4th and 26:
"Not to sound cocky but come on we had them at 4th and 26. Of course I thought we had them. Even after that play, I thought since we do have a pretty damn good defense that they still didn't have a chance. They just made the big plays."

On containing Donovan [McNabb]:
"Man, we just wanted to hit him and hit him hard. We tried to just get to him with the pass rush and blitzes. A guy like that you want to get to him before he has time to work his magic. You want to knock him down. You don't want to just contain him, you want to get to him and knock him down."

Free safety Darren Sharper

On attempting to call a second timeout in an attempt to ice David Akers:
"Everyone on our defense heard it (referee's whistle). I went up to the ref and said, 'you blew the whistle,' he didn't give me any good explanation at all. He just said we couldn't call a timeout two times in a row."

On adjusting to Donovan McNabb in the second half:
"We changed up our rush as far as who was going to go. We had everyone covered, we just had to watch out for him. Our guys up front did a good job."

On McNabb completion to Freddie Mitchell on 4th and 26:
"I have to look at it on film. We had our 44 coverage on, he just threw it straight up the middle. I don't know if people were supposed to be underneath or whatever. I'm going to look at the film. (After that) we had a chance to stop them there and keep them out of field goal range."

On McNabb being the key factor for the Eagles in the win:
"Early on, he kept them on the field. Just making plays and making first downs. He was the key factor early on. We made adjustments and slowed him down for the latter part of the game. We just didn't make enough plays."

Defensive tackle Grady Jackson:

On the Packers' eight sacks:
"I think all of them were coverage sacks. Our defensive backs are pretty good."

On McNabb's rushing ability:
"It's tough, but going into the game we knew we had to keep him inside the pocket. He got outside and made plays - that's what happens. We gave up the big plays and it cost us. That's just something we have to deal with right now. We just have to regroup and come back next year."

S Marques Anderson

What happened on the fourth and long play that the Eagles completed:
"We were in a corner coverage and Freddie (Mitchell) made a great play. I could not believe that they completed the pass on us and I was very disappointed. We were definitely trying to guard the first down line and they just made the play."

If the team was disappointed at halftime that they did not score before halftime:
"We knew that we were going to fight to the end. It was the Eagles day and they made the one or two plays that they had to make to pull out the victory."

If the tables were turned this week with the Eagles winning and not the Packers:
"I do not think that the tables were turned this week because we should of won the game."

Defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila

On McNabb's rushing:
"He was pretty quick. He was willing to run when he couldn't find anything. He was able to find some gaps and was able to run."

On the Eagles getting better as the game went along:
"This team got better at stopping us and our offense. They were doing that and we were trying to move the ball."

WR Robert Ferguson

On if he thought that the offense was too conservative in the second half:
"The loss was magnified because we jumped out early in the game and did not win. I do not want to get into all about us getting conservative and that is something that you would have to ask the coaches. I just play what is called."

On his frustrations after he scored two touchdowns and played well but they lost:
"This game was do or die. It is hard anyway that you look at it and the best thing that we can take out of this game is we will come back and fight another year. We will come back next year swinging."

On if the offense was trying to pick on Cornerback Shelton Brown: "We were not going after anyone specific. I think that a couple of plays were made because Brett (Favre) checked off at the line and he threw the ball to me. We were not trying to pick on anyone but they were check offs."

On what plays the offense ran on his two touchdowns:
"One of the plays was a check off of a run play. It was a run play and Brett did a good job and checked off to the pass. The first touchdown I scored was a post and the safety (Brian Dawkins) came down strong and Brett put the ball in there perfect."

Center Mike Flanagan

On describing the loss:
"Sometimes you don't have words to describe how you feel, the finality of it. This is a tough one to swallow, it really is. Everyone played their hearts out. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We got our chances but we didn't make the most of them. It's a tough one."

On whether shock is the word to describe it:
"My hair isn't dry yet. I don't know if shock's the word or what the word is, it's one of them. This is tough. This is about as tough as it gets."

On not going for it on 4th and 1:
"We didn't get it done. We had two shots at it and we didn't get it. You can't blame them for later on in the game, obviously their confidence in us was a little shaken. We had what, 200 yards on the ground and we're talking about our confidence being shaken, that's a damn shame right there. It's a tough one."

Wide receiver Javon Walker

On Brian Dawkins interception:
"It was just a blitz. He (Brett Favre) did what he could do and the Eagles just made a play on it. He tried to do the best he could and it didn't work out for us."

On whether earlier Favre passes gave the team confidence he'd be able to continue having success through the air in overtime:
"Why not give him a chance to throw it up and make a play? He got pressured a little bit and the blitz came a little faster than we expected."

On the game, overall:
"It was a hard game. Philly played well. They executed well in the second half. They played great. They wanted it. They won the game."

On not going for it on 4th and 1:
"There's a lot of things you can say. We were thinking pooch punt down there, we hold them and win the game."

T Chad Clifton

On his disappointment that the Packers did not win this game:
"It is extremely tough because we know that we should of won the football game. We give Philadelphia credit because they made the plays and we did not. This is just the way it goes."

What happened on the fourth and one play before half time:
"I think the Eagles got good penetration and got Ahman(Green) and got him short of the end zone. Mike (Wahle) was on a pull on the play but I was not in on the play and did not see what happened. I just know that the Eagles got great penetration on the play."

On if he felt they should of gone for the fourth and one to win the game:
"It was definitely a solid call not to go for it. We just left it up to our defense and unfortunately Philadelphia just came away with a big play."

On the up and down season the Packers had:
"It was a bumpy road but here as of late we really turned it around. We really were playing some great football and it is ashame. There were two great teams playing out there today and unfortunately we lost."

PK Ryan Longwell

On his disappointment of not winning the game:
"You have to take advantage of every opportunity that you get especially in the playoffs. We had a chance in this game on offense, defense, and special teams and we needed to have a play go our way. We didn't and now we will walk off and go home for the year."

On the interception in overtime:
"Brett (Brett Favre) is the man and there is no doubt about it. He in my opinion is the best that ever played this game. We cannot put the loss on him because you would have missed the whole game. There were several points in the game where you are not sure what the receivers were doing on some passes. I am not ready to say that Favre lost the game."

What was the turning point in the game:
"Right before half time when we had four shots to get in and we got no points. We went into overtime and it is devastating. I think in the fourth quarter the Eagles got a long kick return and that hurt us. We had them fourth and long and they made a big play. We had a lot of things happen that we could not put them away."

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