Reaction to the Action

Here are e-mails received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth ( after Green Bay's 20-17 overtime loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in an NFC Divisional playoff game Sunday in Philadelphia

Packer Report:

I was just disappointed by my beloved Packers, but do not blame Brett Favre for throwing the pass in the overtime that was picked off setting up the winning field goal by the Eagles. I blame defensive co-ordinator Ed Donatell. Three times this season his "prevent defense" has cost Green Bay a victory. Kansas City...sit back and let them drive down the field for a tying field goal to go to overtime. The Monday night game against these same Eagles. Despite all the turnovers, the Packers were in position to win until late in the game when he had his defense sit back and let Philadelphia drive down for the winning TD in the final seconds. And today...after putting pressure on McNabb for three downs forcing a 4th and 26, he lays back again and guess what. A first down to keep the drive going for the game tying FG in- stead of the offense on the field running out the clock for a Green Bay win. Maybe its time for a change in defensive co-ordinators. Those two games in the win column and we aren't worrying about playing on the road at all in the playoffs let alone needing help from Arizona on the final day of the regular campaign.

Robb Strack, Galesburg, IL

Packer Report,

I can't believe what I just witnessed. Our coaching staff has to be the weakest I have seen in quite awhile. I've written to you before about out staff and my fear going into today was that they would ultimately impact the game. Deer in the headlights Coach Sherman. .your game plan and game situation calls were abysmal and you should turn in your whistle tomorrow when you evaluate your season. I have plenty more to say but I can't hurts too much.

Ken, Ocean NJ,

Packer Report,

Listen to me: I've been a Packer fan since '66. I said all along contain McNabb and follow what Vince has said: the game is won by running the ball and the defense. And by the way, Brett, what were you thinking? Take a sack instead. Geez, maybe next season won't be such a nail-biter.

Erik Hass, Loyal Wisconsinite born and raised, living in Seattle, WA

Packer Report,

Can you imagine how the Clevland fans felt when the Browns Left Town. It's got to be worse than finding out your wife is cheating on you. Or so I've been told by an old Clevland boy over a heafty amount of brewskees. Of course for some Viking fans I bet they wish at least half that team would leave town or at least wake up in the morning and find Randy Moss's picture on a milk carton. As far a our neighbors to the south, Someone will step up and want the job of head coach sooner or later, maybe.

But at last here we are. It's not the destination it's the journey. (how many more miles, are we there yet?) The Green and Gold gave us a hell of a ride this year, and I for one am as proud of them as Irv was of Brett. They are our team, and they fought through adversity, lost love ones, media skeptics, and who knows what, to maintain the legend of the Packers. For that to each and every player, coach, office personnel, Bob Harlan, even to my mailman who is a Packer Fan I might add, and delivers my PR, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU for the great ride. You have made us proud again. Far thee well, until we meet again next year.

Rob Fox, Lake Shangrila, WI

Packer Report,

The season is over and I blame the loss on poor coaching decisions and not Brett's interception.

Sherman made a couple of bad calls but most of all it was the pass defense to blame. To allow a team to get 26 yds on 4th down is absolutely ludicrous. The announcers referred to it all game how the defenders were so far off and this has been in almost every game this season. If you count how many times 3rd down was made by our opponents with a pass this season, you will find that our defenders are the worst. Mr. Sherman must be blind or else he thinks his coaches are perfect.

The coaching staff for this part of the game should either change their tactics or get fired'

I am very proud of the Green and Gold and it breaks my heart to see them loss because of bad coaching.

Doris Reichert, Waukesha, WI

Dear Packer Report,

I just wanted to thank you for your coverage on the Packers and especially Todd Korth. I also want to thank the Packers for a wonderful year. With a lot of luck and a lot more hard playing, we made it to the second round of the play offs. To a very special team with all it's personnel, I want to say thank you and I am already looking forward to next year. So thanks everyone who is involved in Green Bay football.

Linda Holstine

Packer Report,

When all is said and done, the 2003 team gave us plenty to cheer for, they went deeper into the playoffs, if free agency doesn't dismantle the core group we'll have the opportunity for a great year in 2004.

NFLly yours, Jessie Hummel

Packer Report,

Sure, Brett threw up one of his patented up for grabs passes but the game was lost before that. Coach Sherman blew 2 fourth down calls, and Donatell called the worst possible defensive scheme on the 26 yard first down catch by Philly. Face it, if New Orleans doesn't give away Grady Jackson our defense doesn't let us get close to a division championship. I like Coach Sherman but he has a few tough calls to make, get a game day coach and a new defensive coordinator.

Dick Williams, Dunnellon, FL

Packer Report,

First off I credit the Packers for playing Philly tough for 95% of the game. I also feel sorry for Farve, even though the interception was a rookie mistake. If not for Farve, Green Bay would have been 6-10 this year.

I have distanced my self from the Packers after the last couple of disappointing play off loss's. I really did not expect them to win, and they didn't. Let's face it, The Minnesota Meltdown was the only reason that the Pack got into the post season anyway. The window of opportunity is slamming shut for this team. If Farve hangs it up, forget about the playoffs for at least 2-3 yrs. It will take that long for Stupid Sherman to finally pull his head out of his rear end!. Sherman continues to make idiot calls AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!

How in the hell do you lose a game with a 3 point lead, and the other team down to a 4th and 26!

The answer is simple: Prevent defense! Why not blitz, or at least send 4 down lineman after the passer?

Why go for it on 4th and 1 ?? Why not take the points with a field goal on the road?? Then, why in the hell did Sherman NOT go for it on 4th and 1 with 1:46 to go and Philly down to only 1 timeout!

1 yard away from going to the NFC Championship Game, with one of the best O lines and one of the best RB in the game at your disposal, and you PUNT?

I pretty much have had it with this coaching staff, along with some of the defensive players. The Offense will not click next year like it did this year with out Farve. Bet on it!

The coaching staff needs to be revamped, and the team needs some better players on defense. Don't blame Farve for the loss, blame Mike "Stupid" Sherman & Company! He has GOT to lose his GM/Coach status. He cannot handle it, pure and simple!

Gary Allen, Disgruntled Packer Fan

Packer Report,

I see on the highlights that Bhawoh Jue & Marques Anderson were in coverage on that 4th & 26 play. No wonder they converted it. The two biggest lames in the secondary.

Peter Schwind, Lima Ohio

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