Wrapping it up

When Packers' head coach Mike Sherman arrived for his final weekly press conference of the season, it wasn't his first visit to team headquarters that day. About 12 hours earlier, Sherman unlocked his office in the dead of night, popped in a tape, and relived the Packers' devastating and preventable loss to Philadelphia.<p>

Here's what the coach had to say about the season, the team and the future.

On the overtime loss to Philadelphia:

"The feeling from that game leaving the field was getting kicked in the gut. It hasn't gone away."

"I've analyzed this and criticized this more times than any of you even have. I've looked at it a thousand times."

"I can handle getting beat … Some team beats you, that's football. Someone's going to win, someone's going to lose. But I just felt like we let some opportunities slip through our fingers the other day and it's hard. It's hard to handle."

On Brett Favre's reaction to the loss:

"Brett is a resilient person as there is. Certainly, he's disappointed. He felt that we were going to the Super Bowl."

On the team's ability to bounce back:

"I feel very confident that the men, even though they were disappointed when they left to go their separate ways, are excited about the future."

On the future of the Packers:

"They know what they are capable of doing. I don't know if at any point they really believed that capability until this season." "Oh, I'll get this opportunity again. Trust me. The Packers will get this opportunity again.

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