Q&A With Marco Rivera

Packers guard Marco Rivera offers his thoughts in a brief question and answer interview on Green Bay's game this Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Question: What's the one thing that the Packers have to do better against the Buccaneers this time than in the first meeting between the two teams on Oct. 7?
Rivera: "We've got to keep the turnovers down. If we can take care of that we'll be fine."

Question: Do you or other players have trouble at all getting back into your routine after a bye week?
Rivera: "No. We know that this team is old enough to understand that, OK, we had a bye week but now we have to get back to work. We have some big practices (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and we've got to get some rust off. We're going to go out there and work hard."

Question: With the Chicago Bears doing well and Tampa Bay coming off a big win, how do the Packers stack up? How big is this game?
Rivera: "It's a big game. We're 1-2 in the division. We've got to win this game. We can't be 1-3. We've got to be 2-2. That's the bottom line. We know that. Tampa Bay knows that. It's a must-win for them, too. It's going to be a tough game. The team with the fewest mistakes is going to win."

Question: How badly do the Packers want revenge on the Bucs after losing a close game Oct. 7 in Tampa?
Rivera: "We knew going down there it was going to be a tough game. We had a shot there at the end. Coming home that Sunday night on the plane, we were like, 'OK, we have one more shot.' That's what is good about playing Tampa Bay because we have one more shot. They're coming into our place and we get to play them again."

Question: Is the timing right to play Tampa Bay because the Bucs are banged up and you are coming off the bye week?
Rivera: "Who knows? We'll be fresh, but we still have some rust on us from taking Sunday off. They're coming off a big win. They're motivated right now. They're playing well. If that carries on into Sunday, it will be extra hard."

Question: How much easier is it to prepare for a team that you've already played?
Rivera: "It's a little easier. You've seen the guys. You know what they're going to do. They beat us, so they'll probably come at us with the same thing. They may change it up here and there, but we all know it's going to be a tough game, for them and us."

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