Tuesday Morning Trivia

The Packers have added to their history of Pro Bowl appearances with a slew of top-notch players over the past decade. Test your knowledge of Pro Bowl Packers from the recent era as well as the lean years.<p>

1. Which Packer won the Pro Bowl MVP Award in 1982?

A. Lynn Dickey

B. Paul Coffman

C. James Lofton

D. John Jefferson

2. Which Packer capped his 14th NFL season with a spot on USA Today's All-Pro team in 1999?

A. Santana Dotson

B. Russell Maryland

C. Frank Winters

D. Hardy Nickerson

3. Who earned six media citations after his only season with the Packers in 1974?

A. Ted Hendricks

B. MacArthur Lane

C. Ken Ellis

D. John Hadl

4. Name the Packer linebacker who was named All-Pro by USA Today, All-NFC by two organizations and made the Pro Bowl in 1994.

A. George Koonce

B. Bernardo Harris

C. Wayne Simmons

D. Bryce Paup

5. Who was the first Packer center to be named All-Pro by USA Today?

A. Frank Winters

B. Rich Moran

C. James Campen

D. Larry McCarren

6. Who made the only Pro Bowl appearance of his Packer career after leading the team in rushing in 1968?

A. Travis Williams

B.John Brockington

C. Donny Anderson

D. Dave Hampton

7. Name the only Packer defensive player to earn any post-season honors following the playoff season of 1982.

A. Johnny Gray

B. Mike Douglass

C. Mark Lee

D. Ezra Johnson


1. D, John Jefferson. "J.J." is still the only Packer to earn the top honor at the Pro Bowl. Jefferson made a key first down catch and the game-winning TD reception in the game.

2 C, Frank Winters. The Western Illinois product was the only Packer cited by USA Today that season.

3. A, Ted Hendricks. "The Mad Stork" was honored by the AP, UPI, Pro Football Weekly, NEA, the Pro Football Writers and The Sporting News in 1974.

4. D, Bryce Paup. The decorated season was the last of Paup's five campaigns in Green Bay.

5. C, James Campen. Campen earned the honor from USA Today in 1990.

6. C, Donny Anderson. Anderson led the team in rushing yards with 761 yards on 170 carries. The '68 season was the only time Anderson led the team in rushing during his 6-year career in Green Bay (1966-71).

7. B, Mike Douglass. "Mad Dog," a linebacker was named All-NFC by Pro Football Weekly in 1982.

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