Wolf turns attention to Browns

Ron Wolf is settling into his new job as a personnel specialist under Cleveland Browns coach Butch Davis. He was the Green Bay Packers' general manager from November 1991 through April 2001 before signing a three-year contract as a consultant.<p>

Wolf said his contract in Cleveland expires after the '05 draft. He replied, "Oh, heavens, no" when asked if he would be paid as much as $1 million per year by the Browns.

Packers President Bob Harlan granted both the Browns and Miami Dolphins permission to interview Wolf last month. When Wolf decided to take the Browns' offer, Harlan didn't seek compensation for the three months left on his contract.

"I don't think they could have got compensation anyway," Wolf said. "I mean, how do you get compensation for a part-time employee?

"I was very appreciative of what Green Bay did for me. But that's over and done with, the way I look at that. I don't think I owe anybody anything in Green Bay."

Wolf will not attend the scouting combine and probably will only visit a handful of college campuses near his home in Annapolis, Md., to scout players.

"I'm not going to be in college scouting," he said. "I'm going to be more in pro scouting. More like a mentor. That kind of appealed to me. You couple that with the great tradition of that place, it was very appealing.

"I'm going to be studying certain people, I guess," Wolf said. "I'm not in the decision-making process at all with Cleveland.

"I can get on an airplane and get over there in an hour. Their facility is right at the airport. But I can spend most of my time right here in Annapolis."

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