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Here is a sampling of letters received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth from Green Bay Packers fans in recent weeks:<p>

Keep on revamping the defense

Even though the Packer's defense has improved the last five or six games they still cost us dearly in the playoffs, particularly at one position. One of our cornerbacks.

I do not speak ill of anyone, so I won't start here. All I can say is that I record as many Packer games as I can and I go back through them. One cornerback comes to mind and I hear on the tapes — almost intercepted, almost intercepted, almost intercepted or his receiver is wide open most of the time. He just doesn't know how to cover receivers, period. Just remember and look at the Eagles 4th and 26 to go that in my opinion cost the Packers the game, not to mention Coach Sherman's decision not to go on 4th and very short.

While we are on the subject, let's look at Brett Favre's interception. I know you are an excellent player Brett, but how many Hail Mary's can you put up without an interception?

Shouldn't have tried it under the circumstances! Ahman Green was playing to well combined with the short passes going well to try to go for it all at once.

I'm sure with the smartness of our management they will beef up our defense where it needs this off season.

Packer Backer all the way,

Danny Buck, Auburn, WY

The biggest is now always the best... The glitziest is not always the brightest...

Dear Packer Report:

Now that the season has come to an end, it's time to reflect on the events of the season "that could have been." For us diehard Packer fans it was a season of ups and downs to say the least. Think of it like riding the best coaster ride in the world. The natural reaction of us diehard fans is a huge disappointment that the ride had to end when it did. However, in retrospect be thankful the ride lasted as long as it did. I know as each season begins there is a huge expectation of the "ride" going all the way. However, this season was different than most. In the beginning of the season we expected a great ride but as time went on all we got was a sluggish ride and at times we were just hoping the ride would hurry up and end, so we could put this unfulfilling ride to an end. However like a great roller coaster ride suddenly when you least expect it everything suddenly changes and you don't really appreciate the ride until it's over and you had a chance to think about it and then realize this indeed was a great ride after all.

The purpose of my letter is not to preach, god forbid that in this politically correct world that I even bring up that thought. Rather it is to reflect on why someone from New England would be a diehard Packer fan. Let me begin by saying football is only a game, that's all it is a game! Having said that though it is a game that really resembles what life is all about. While I don't think God is a football fan, but I have to conclude that the Green Bay franchise is blessed. Just take a look around and see the competition and their size, New York, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Seattle, etc., than you have little old Green Bay, Wis. How can they survive the way they do among the giant markets? Please explain. Beyond he money and finances look at the attitude and the philosophy of the past and present who are the Green Bay Packers. By no means are any of us saints, and I don't mean as in New Orleans Saints, were just people all imperfect in our own way, like legend once said we all put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time. But if you really think about it, it's the Green Bay attitude that is what this country was founded on, values and character.

Character is a very defining quality and it was evident in the characters of Green Bay football past and present. We have all heard of the Lambeau and Lombardi character. Today we read of the Favre, Sherman, Brown and Harris character. I mention the last four from articles I have read in the Packer Report. Favre's character is well known and need not elaborate on his faith and toughness, Sherman a man who adopts a little girl at his age because it's the right thing to do. Brown who puts money behind wanting to be just a Packer as well as Harris who could make a case of money first but having a Packer first seems to be his motivation. While you can't read a man's heart you can get an idea of his makeup and priorities by his character.

Toward the end of the season while the tragic events unfolded in Brett Favre's life writers were using "destiny" to make a good story line unfold. However, as I said I do not believe God is a football fan, but he does work in scuttle ways. Ways like bringing a "football family" together by showing were only human and no matter what our position in life, we all laugh and cry. Like bringing a community of football fans together to realize it's only a game played by imperfect humans. Life is more than a game, it's about people and relationships and caring.

Character defines people and a community I guess that is why I am a Packer fan for life.

I hope the players and fans will look back at this season as a special one. I know some players will move on because of the nature of the game and free agency. I can't fault them because I would probably do the same. Some fans will lament over what should have been. But take a step back and realize just what a special season this was, it was a season marked by God telling us in his own scuttle way that football is just a game, but a game we can all learn from no matter who you are, all you have to do is pay attention and learn because there are lessons to be learned by us all.

In closing thanks to all for a great ride and I can't wait for the ride to begin all over again in July.

God Bless,

John Zanolli, Southwick, MA

Rude behavior

Dear Packer Report,

First of all, as a resident of Pennsylvania, I would like to apologize to any Packer fan who attended the playoff game in Philadelphia. The way my wife, myself and all other Packer fans were treated was disgraceful.

Secondly, after attending games in Lambeau Field and witnessing the respect and dignity that Packer fans treat their rival fans makes me even prouder to be a Packer fan.

The city of Green Bay, the Packers organization and the Packer fans are the class of the NFL, let's work hard to keep it that way.

I am an extremely proud Packer fan.


Wayne C. Rentzel, York, PA

Rest of the story

Packer Report,

I rarely write to magazines or newspapers, but a recent article by Matt Tevsh bothered me so much that I felt I had to write. His article "Ahead of the Game" was so uninformed that it almost made me sick. Mr. Tevsh said that the Carlisle school was set up to "give Indians the same opportunities as white people to succeed through hard work." This may have been a white patronizing view at the time but it was obviously racist and was a flat out attempt to destroy Native American cultures that were still feared because of their power. Indians were forced to attend these schools against their will from a very young age. Parents went many years without even seeing their children. They were forced to wear white man's clothing and never to speak their own language. If they did, they were severely punished. Children learned to be ashamed of their own people and who they were as individuals.

Visits with relatives were very limited so as to prevent the young students from lapsing back into their former "degraded" lifestyles. One mother complained that it would be easier to get her daughter out of prison than the boarding school.

Founder Richard Henry Pratt commented, "Kill the Indian and save the man." The boarding school setting was also conducive to the spread of disease. The Meriam Report of 1928 asserted that government boarding schools needlessly separated families and that children were often malnourished, sick, insufficiently clothed, overworked, harshly punished, and poorly trained. I find this article in very poor taste and disgracefully naive and ignorant. Richard Taft, Louisville, KY

Tough decisions ahead

Packer Report,

I have been trying to digest the Packers' loss to Philadelphia in the conference final for a week and cannot hold back any longer! This loss was the culmination of a comedy of errors which has been going on all year — most of which are not the responsibility of the players, but of the coaches and the management. My prediction — the Packers will not win a championship so long as Mike Sherman is coach. He is the loser!!

Mike started off by giving away Vonnie Holliday, a premier defensive end, then, acquired Nickerson and Johnson to shore up the defense. How many millions did Johnson (30+ years old) cost the Pack, and for what return?

The players had a minimum of three games won this year that the coaches let slip away — two w/Philadelphia and one with Kansas City. And what about Detroit on Thanksgiving?

The conference final loss to Philadelphia was inexcuseable. This loss was an embarrassment to every Packer fan! I'll bet Lombardi turned over in his grave! The coaches violated one of Lombardi's rules, "Don't come out empty-handed!"

If you can't stop a team on 4th and 26, then, you don't belong in the NFL.

Don't blame these coaching boondoggles on the assistants. The buck stops at you, Mike. The triple job of president/general manager/coach is too much for one man.

We've got the players to win a Super Bowl, all we need are coaches that have the say and the leadership to win. The players deserve it, they've played their butts off this year.

I think it's time to call a spade a spade and make decisions that lead to a Super Bowl. Let's not let it slide for another year. Brett isn't going to be around forever. And, oh yes, don't blame Brett's interception for the loss, we should never have gone into overtime.

Is Mike Sherman a textbook example having been elevated one level beyond his ability. I'm sorry, Mike, but you are paid millions to make the right decisions and you have not done that. The Green Bay Packers have long been associated with winning and I think it's time to make some tough decisions to get them back on track — they're not losers.


Ron Miles, Battle Creek, MI

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