Weekend Trivia: Remmel's ruminations

Does anyone know more about the Green Bay Packers than long-time scribe and newly-appointed team historian Lee Remmel? Probably not. Take this trivia quiz focusing on Remmel's colorful descriptions of Packers in the past several decades and find out if you're even on the same page as the Packers' PR legend.<P>

1. Whom did Lee Remmel refer to as "one of the pre-eminent rescue quarterbacks in pro football history …" in the 1978 Packer media guide?

A. Zeke Bratkowski

B. David Whitehurst

C. Lynn Dickey

D. Bart Starr

2. Which Packer fullback did Remmel describe with the following passage in the 1986 media guide: "… an intense committed competitor, the multi-muscled former Razorback had the most productive career to date in 1985?"

A. Jessie Clark

B. Eddie Lee Ivery

C. Gerry Ellis

D. Harlan Huckleby

3. Who was Remmel describing with the following in the 1987 media guide: "… a quietly competitive University of Michigan alumnus, successfully fending off every challenger he has had to date, has been the Packers' regular punter since Game 10 of the 1985 season, with the exception of an injury-enforced absence in 1986?"

A. Bucky Scribner

B. Don Bracken

C. Ron Widby

D. Paul McJulien

4. In the 1990 Packer media guide, who was Remmel describing with the following passage: "… an athlete apart – an exception to the natural laws which apply to most mortals … in his 16th National Football League season, professional football's leading active interceptor comes off one of the most productive years in his long and distinguished career at the age of 37. … The tautly muscled Michigan alumnus has forged a 44-game starting streak since making his Green Bay debut in the 1987 season opener."?

A. Mark Murphy

B. Chuck Cecil

C. Dave Brown

D. Mark Lee

5. Who is Remmel describing in the following passage from the 1991 Packer media guide: "Few players in the Packers' 72-year history have been as durable as this classically hewn North Carolinian. … has dressed for every game the Packers have played since he joined them as a fourth round … in 1982 – a span of nine seasons and 133 games."?

A. Tim Harris

B. Robert Brown

C. Ron Hallstrom

D. Mark Lee

6. Whom did Remmel describe as "a …tireless seeker of perfection, the huge Californian has been ranked among the National Football League's top six offensive tackles by veteran personnel pundit Joel Buschbaum" in the Packers' 1991 media guide?

A. Mike Ariey

B. Tony Mandarich

C. Ron Hallstrom

D. Ken Ruettgers

7. In the 1992 Packer media guide, who did Remmel describe with the following passage: "Entrenched at free safety after overcoming injury problems earlier in his career (he) easily ranks among professional football's most thunderous hitters as well as one of its most instinctive ballhawks … An athlete who takes sheer and unalloyed delight in the contact associated with football, he long has evoked the admiration of his position coach, Dick Jauron."

A. LeRoy Butler

B. Terrell Buckley

C. Vinnie Clark

D. Chuck Cecil

8. Who is Remmel describing in the following excerpt from the 1998 Packer media guide: "Dominating, he takes tremendous pride in pummeling opponents – with secondary desire to carry the football. … Is a bona fide Pro Bowl candidate, though one who in the past has been overlooked due to his conference counterparts who play more of a headliner role in their team's offenses."?

A. William Henderson

B. Raymont Harris

C. Travis Jervey

D. Dorsey Levens

9. Name the Packer Remmel was describing in a Packer media guide from the mid-1990s in the following passage: "Versatile, committed and productive, the highly durable Floridian has entrenched himself among the Packers' all-time rushing and receiving elite in just four seasons, a feat of major proportions considering the team's history dates back to the dawn of the NFL in 1921.?"

A. Brent Fullwood

B. Dorsey Levens

C. William Henderson

D. Edgar Bennett

10. Who did Remmel call "Astonishingly productive, remarkably durable and consistently successful, (he) not only is considered the premier player in the game today, he already has forged a prominent – and permanent – place among professional football's all-time elite."?

A. Brett Favre

B. Paul Hornung

C. Ray Nitschke

D. Bart Starr

11. Who was Remmel describing in the following passage: "Prepossessing … a masterful motivator with a rare capacity for extracting the optimum performance from his players, he has added major dimensions to the Packers' lustrious history …"?

A. Curly Lambeau

B. Mike Holmgren

C. Vince Lombardi

D. Bart Starr

12. Who is Remmel describing in the following passage from a recent Packer media guide: "Super-massive Detroit native, hampered by injuries the past two seasons, is expected to ensconce hmself among pro football's elite defensive linemen … Somewhat facetiously described by Coach Mike Holmgren as ‘a guy-and-a-half wide. …"

A. Reggie White

B. Gilbert Brown

C. John Jurkovic

D. Gabe Wilkins

13. Who was Lee Remmel describing in the following passage from a media guide: "Exemplary consistency and high productivity, spawned by an unquenchable desire to excel, have entrenched this one-time free agent among professional football's tight end elite … His right to primacy at the position is documented by the fact he has caught more touchdown passes – 39 – than any other TE now active."

A. Rich McGeorge

B. Ed West

C. Paul Coffman

D. Keith Jackson


Name the future NFL head coach Lee Remmel was describing in the 1986 Packer media guide: "The Packers' new passing game and receivers coach has been hailed as one of the brightest young minds in professional football by the legendary oracle of offense, Sid Gilman."


1. A, Zeke Bratkowski. The Danville, Ill., native earned his reputation as a "rescue quarterback" when he led the Packer to a sudden death victory over the Rams in a Western Conference playoff game after Bart Starr suffered a disabling injury early in the first quarter. In the 1977 guide Remmel said "His students thus are the beneficiaries of the tactical wisdom and technical knowledge Bratkowski acquired over 14 pro seasons as a field general, 5 1/2 of them in Green Gold, during which he helped the Packers forge three straight world championships."

2. A, Jessie Clark. The burly Clark rushed for 633 yards while starting 14 games in 1985 to earn Remmel's praise in prose.

3. B, Don Bracken. Bracken punted for the Packers from 1985 to 1990 before giving way to Paul McJulien. Incidentally, Bill Renner took over for Bracken during his "injury-enforced" absence in 1986.

4. C, Dave Brown. Even though his illustrious career was fading when he arrived in Green Bay, Brown gave the Packers three solid seasons registering 12 interceptions.

5. B, Robert Brown. Remmel wasn't kidding when he called this guy durable. Between 1982 and 1992, Brown, a defensive end, played in all 164 of the Packers' union contests.

6. D, Ken Ruettgers. In 1990, Remmel wrote: "Ken Ruettgers' relentless pursuit of perfection, via countless hours of video sutdy in the projection room and unstinting toil in the weight room, is elevating him to a new plateau among his peers."

7. D, Chuck Cecil. Employing colorful language on Cecil's behalf was easy because of his style play. In 1990, Remmel called Cecil a "resounding hitter" and "no respecter of superstars."

8. A, William Henderson. As with Ruettgers and Robert Brown, Remmel has a knack for bringing an unsung Packer to the forefront with his language. Remmel has also called Henderson "reliable," a "chiseled Virginian" and a "focused Christian man."

9. D, Edgar Bennett. Just to give you an example of what a gem Remmel is, here is a look at the first line of Bennett's biography from the 1999 Bear media guide and the first line of Bennett's biography from the 1997 Packer media guide (his last in Green Bay). Bears: "Signed by Bears (2/19/98) as an unrestricted free agent from Green Bay." Packers: "Acclaimed as Green Bay's "Mr. Versatility," six-year pro Edgar Bennett is already assured of a niche in the Packer Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible for the honor."

10. A, Brett Favre. That was how Remmel described Favre in the 1999 media guide. In previous guides, Favre was also called a "swashbuckling Mississippian," a "genial Mississippian" and a "tough-minded Mississippian."

11. B, Mike Holmgren. That was the way Remmel described Holmgren for the last time as Packer coach in the 1998 media guide. In prior seasons, Remmel called Holmgren "a reasoned and compassionate perfectionist," a "tall and imposing Californian" and "monolithic."

12. B, Gilbert Brown. Remmel has also called Brown "heroically hewn," a "fan favorite and something of a folk hero" and a "super strong Detroit native" in past Packer media guides.

13. C, Paul Coffman. Coffman earned that high praise after starting his career in Green Bay as "a literal walk-on in the fullest sence of the term" in 1978, according to Remmel. In 1978, Coffman persuaded former Packer assistant coach John Meyer to give him a tryout on Meyer's trip to Kansas State to work out another player.


Tom Coughlin. In the 1987 media guide, Remmel called Gillman the "NFL's renowned high priest of offense' in Coughlin's bio.

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