Free agency's 'bargain basement'?

Free-agent signing season is in full swing, but just like in real life, it's tough to shop on a budget. Can bargains be found among the players passed up by their former clubs? <P>

Here's a list of unrestricted free agents who did not receive a qualifying offer or minimum tender from their team, and did not re-sign under other terms.

The Packers left behind just two, DT Rod Walker and DB Bobby Jackson. Cellar-dweller San Diego cleaned house, declining to make offers to six players in this category.

These players may be signed immediately with no compensation due or rights held by the old club. No signing deadline applies.

NFC (Listing 2003 team)

Packers: DB Bobby Jackson, DT Rod Walker. Arizona: DB Niirell Eason, PK Bill Gramatica; G Teag Whiting.

Atlanta: T Dwayne Morgan.

Minnesota: P Leo Araquz, RB John Avery

New Orleans: RB James Fenderson

NY Giants: DE Frank Ferrara, DB Clarence LeBlanc, DB Reggie Stephens.

San Francisco: LB Cornelius Anthony, DB Rashad Holman, P Bill LaFleur.

Tampa Bay: RB Tony Taylor


Denver: G Steve Herndon, TE Mike Leach.

Houston: C Chris Lorenti

Indianapolis: TE Joe Dean Davenport, DB Jason Doering, LB Donnel Thompson; RB Ricky Williams.

Jacksonville: DE Javor Mills; LB Joe Tuipala; LB Eric Westmoreland.

NY Jets: WR Kevin Swayne.

Oakland: DB Keyon Nash.

San Diego: WR Tim Baker; G David Brandt; DB Vernon Fox; WR Dondre Gilliam; G Michael Keathley; WR Micah Ross.

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