Weekend Trivia

When Gilbert Brown left, he took a little bit of the Packers' defensive persona with him. No more grave-digger dance, no more run-stuffing girth, and no more of the rare sacks that, when they did happen were well worth the wait. Brown's first career sack came at the expense of Randall Cunningham and the Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 18, 1994.<P>

Test your knowledge of these more prolific "Packer sackers" in this week's trivia quiz:

1. Name the Packer legend who recorded all three of the team's sacks in Super Bowl II?

A. Willie Wood

B. Willie Davis

C. Ray Nitschke

D. Lionel Aldridge

2. Who topped the Packers in sacks from 1986 to 1990?

A. Tim Harris

B. Brian Noble

C. John Anderson

D. Mark Murphy

3. Besides Reggie White (3) and LeRoy Butler (1), who had a sack for the Packers in the win over New England in Super Bowl XXXI?

A. Gabe Wilkins

B. Sean Jones

C. Wayne Simmons

D. Santana Dotson

4. How many sacks did the Packers have in the Super Bowl XXXII loss to the Denver Broncos?

A. 0

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

5. Who amassed 26.5 sacks in leading the Packers in that department in 1991 and 1992?

A. Tim Harris

B. Tony Bennett

C. Bryce Paup

D. Chuck Cecil

6. Who made the last of his 95 career sacks for the 1994 Packers?

A. John Jurkovic

B. Fred Strickland

C. Steve McMichael

D. Don Davey

7. Who led the Packers in sacks in each season between 1995 and 1998?

A. Sean Jones

B. Brian Williams

C. Reggie White

D. Eugene Robinson

8. Who collected 4.5 sacks for the 2001 Packers after notching 40.5 sacks for the Bears from 1994 to 2000?

A. John Thierry

B. Ron Cox

C. K.D. Williams

D. Jim Flanigan

9. Who posted the last of his 20.5 career sacks in the Packers win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nov. 4, 2001?

A. Russell Maryland

B. Brian Williams

C. Bernardo Harris

D. LeRoy Butler

10. Who was the first round draft choice who set a Packer record with four sacks in a game Dec. 1, 1985 vs. Tampa Bay?

A. Tim Harris

B. Erza Johnson

C. Alphonso Carreker

D. Charles Martin

ANSWERS 1. B, Willie Davis. The Grambling great took down Raiders' quarterback Daryl Lamonica three times. This a year after Davis corralled the Chiefs' Len Dawson two times in Super Bowl I.

2. A, Tim Harris. No. 97 notched 55 sacks in leading the Packers in the category five consecutive years in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

3. D, Santana Dotson. Dotson's tackle of Drew Bledsoe in the Super Bowl was his first sack in eight games.

4. A, 0. Despite the presence of Reggie White, Santana Dotson and LeRoy Butler, the Packers could not sack John Elway in Super Bowl XXXII.

5. B, Tony Bennett. Bennett notched 13 sacks in 1991 and 13.5 in 1992 but couldn't muster any post-season awards in either campaign.

6. C, Steve McMichael. "Mongo" spent the final year of his illustrious career in Titletown and notched 2.5 sacks for Mike Holmgren's team.

7. C, Reggie White. White went out with a bang, capping his Packer career with 16 sacks in his final year of 1998.

8. D, Jim Flanigan. The son of former Packer with the same name was fourth on the 2001 Packers in sacks in his only season in a Green Bay uniform.

9. D, LeRoy Butler. For the record, Tampa Bay's Brad Johnson was the last quarterback sacked by Butler in what should be a Hall of Fame career.

10. C, Alphonso Carreker, the Packers first round pick in 1984, held or shared the team single-game record until Bryce Paul notched 4.5 sacks against Tampa Bay Sept. 15, 1991.

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