Weekend Trivia

The postseason is a dot in the rearview mirror, free agent signings are dying down and the draft is still a month away. This weekend's trivia test helps alleviate football's March doldrums with a little bit of everything.<P>

1. Who led the 2002 Packers with 70 receptions?

A. Bubba Franks

B. Ahman Green

C. Donald Driver

D. Vencie Glenn

2. Who caught the first touchdown pass thrown by Brett Favre?

A. Kittrick Taylor

B. Sanjay Beach

C. Sterling Sharpe

D. Ed West

3. Who threw the final touchdown pass of the Lindy Infante era Dec. 21, 1991 at Minnesota?

A. Don Majkowski

B. Blair Kiel

C. Ken O'Brien

D. Mike Tomczak

4. Who was the only Packer to throw at least one pass in each season between 1977 and 1983?

A. David Whitehurst

B. Eddie Lee Ivery

C. Lynn Dickey

D. James Lofton

5. Who joined the Packers five seasons after rushing for three touchdowns against them on Nov. 4, 1973?

A. John Hadl

B. McArthur Lane

C. Bobby Douglass

D. Lynn Dickey

EXTRA CREDIT: On Nov. 1, 1942, who became the first Packer to throw for 300 yards in a game?


1. C, Donald Driver. In his breakout season, the former seventh round draft pick got 1,064 yards and nine touchdowns out of his team-high 70 receptions.

2. C, Sterling Sharpe. The touchdown pass before Favre hit Kittrick Taylor for the game-winner in his 1992 debut was the first of his career and covered 5-yards and landed in the arms of Sharpe.

3. D, Mike Tomczak. The first quarter scoring strike went from Tomczak to Vince Workman and gave the Pack a 10-0 lead in a 27-7 win over the Vikings. That TD pass also turned out to be the last by Tomczak in a Packer uniform.

4. A, David Whitehurst. While he did get into quite a few games in that five-year span, it was only in 1978 that Whitehurst was the full-time starting quarterback.

5. C, Bobby Douglass. The strong lefty ran for four touchdowns for the Bears against the Packers Nov. 4, 1973. Five years later, Douglass got into 12 games and completed 5 of 12 passes for 90 yards with one touchdown and one interception for the Pack.

EXTRA CREDIT ANSWER: Cecil Isbell. In a 55-12 win over Chicago Cardinals Nov. 1, 1942, Isbell completed 10 of 21 throws for 333 yards to become the first Packer to eclipse the 300-yard barrier in a game.

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