Weekend Trivia

As the draft approaches, it's time to take a look back at some late-round steals of the past with a series of mini trivia tests on notable bargains. Is there another Bart Starr out there somewhere? Today: The Lombardi Era. Next week: Not-so-super 70s.<p>

1. Name the 13th round pick in 1961 who led the 1966 Super Bowl I champion Packers with 10 touchdowns.

A. Carroll Dale

B. Elijah Pitts

C. Doug Hart

D. Zeke Bratkowski

2. Name the 11th round pick in 1963 who played in Super Bowls I and II for the Packers and made one catch for 27 yards for the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI.

A. Max McGee

B. Boyd Dowler

C. Forrest Gregg

D. Marv Fleming

3. Name the 20th round pick in 1964 who was a member of four league or conference championship teams in his first six seasons in the league.

A. Ken Bowman

B. Lionel Aldridge

C. Bill Curry

D. Bob Long


Who is the only Packer draft pick to start against the team at quarterback in a Super Bowl?


1. B, Elijah Pitts. The Philander Smith product went on to score 35 total touchdowns for the Packers between 1961 and 1969 and in 1971. Not bad for the 180th overall pick of the 1961 draft.

2. D, Marv Fleming. The Packers used the 184th overall pick in 1963 and the Utah product went on to play on five teams that eventually won Super Bowls.

3. C, Bill Curry. After being the 279th pick in 1964, Curry was a part of championship teams in Green Bay and Baltimore.

STUMPER Daryl Lamonica. The Packers picked Lamonica in the 20th round out of Notre Dame in 1963 but he opted to play with Buffalo in the AFL. Lamonica played with Buffalo after being picked by the Bills in the 24th round. After four seasons in Buffalo, Lamonica played eight seasons in Oakland and was the Raiders' starter against the Packers in Super Bowl II.

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