Lombardi Legends recruiting new members

Vince Lombardi Titletown Legends wants you. The non-profit group, led by Lombardi-era stars, announced a new membership program Wednesday that is designed to help the organization raise more funds for Wisconsin charities.<p>

The new membership program offers fans an opportunity to team up with Packer legends, like Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Jerry Kramer, Dave Robinson, Fuzzy Thurston, Bob Skoronski, Willie Wood and Jim Ringo. The Legends will be offering five different levels of membership for fans, ranging from $25 to $500 per year. The majority of money raised through memberships will benefit a wide range of charities. Members also will receive such items as a thank you letter signed by many of the Packer greats, a Vince Lombardi Pin, tickets to Lombardi Legends events, a free subscription to Packer Report, and more, depending on the membership level.

"We wanted to give something back to the people," Robinson said. "I think in the year 3050, I know I won't be here, but I want people to say, ‘That Super Bowl I team, those Packers under Lombardi, they're OK guys. They've got something going. Due to attrition, there's going to be fewer and fewer of us every year.

Eventually there is going to be no guys who actually played for Lombardi, but we want Lombardi Legends to still be here. One way to keep it going is to go out and recruit other people. The fans are really the 12th member of our team."

Go to www.lombardilegends.com for detailed information on how to join Vince Lombardi Titletown Legends.

The Lombardi Titletown Legends formed about three years ago. After the organization announced its new membership program Wednesday in Green Bay, it distributed grants to a number of Wisconsin charities. The Legends have raised about $100,000 to date for charites and is hoping to contribute more in the future with Lombardi's motto of teamwork in mind.

"I remember the first meeting, the first time coach addressed a group," Kramer said. "He said, ‘If you're not willing to pay the price, if you're not willing to sacrifice, if you're not willing to give up your individual needs, wishes and wants for the benefit of the team ... if you're not willing to give everything to the team, then get the hell out.' So the team in teamwork was a huge part of our life, and it still is today. What we're trying to do today is to bring the fans on to our team."

Membership kits also are available by calling (920) 499-7138.

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