Celebrate with caution

No poms, no Sharpies, and no more using those free weekend minutes – the NFL owners have decided to shape up their league's celebrations. At the league meetings Wednesday, club owners voted overwhelmingly to add a major penalty to the fines doled out for excessive celebration.<P>

The Oakland Raiders were the only holdouts in the 31-1 vote in favor of stiffer penalties for excessive celebrations. Infractions include demonstrations involving foreign objects – think Terrell Owens' not-so-impromtu autograph or Joe Horn's cell phone – or choreography which includes teammates. That means that Donald Driver can pretend to take a photograph after a touchdown, but no one can pose for the pantomimed picture. A 15-yard penalty will be assessed to the offending team, on top of the fines already assessed. That means that it's back to the drawing board for Terrell Owens show, now that his antics could cost his new Eagle teammates 15 yards.

The owners meeting ended today in Palm Beach, Fla.

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