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Weekend Trivia

Our series of trivia tests on late-round draft "steals" continues, this time moving into the 1970s and 80s.<p>

1. Name the 12th round pick in the 1973 draft who went on to play 12 seasons with the team and make two Pro Bowls.

A. Larry McCarren

B. Gale Gillingham

C. Scott Hunter

D. Jim Carter

2. Name the eighth round pick in 1977 who led the team in passing in 1978 and 1979.

A. Lynn Dickey

B. David Whitehurst

C. Carlos Brown

D. Dennis Sproul

3. Which receiver who averaged 22.6 yards a catch in his rookie year after being picked by the Pack in the 12th round in 1982?

A. Walter Stanley

B. Gary Lewis

C. James Lofton

D. Phillip Epps

4. Name the 11th round pick in 1983 who supplanted the Packers' third round pick in 1981 as punter.

A. David Beverly

B. Ray Stachowicz

C. Bucky Scribner

D. Don Bracken

5. Name the 11th round pick in 1984 who inherited the starting center spot from Larry McCarren in 1985.

A. Mark Cannon

B. Karl Swanke

C. Frank Winters

D. Blake Moore

4. Name the eighth round pick in 1985 who eventually became the Packers starting free safety in 1986 and held the spot until 1989.

A. Tom Flynn

B. Mossy Cade

C. Ken Stills

D. Norman Jefferson


1. A, Larry McCarren. "The Rock" may be the greatest late-round steal in franchise history this side of Starr. Despite being the 308th selection in 1973, McCarren went on to become one of the great centers in club history.

2. B, David Whitehurst. The 206th choice in 1977 draft was pressed into service because of injuries in 1978 and 1979 and threw for 4,293 yards and 20 touchdowns.

3. D, Phillip Epps. The 321st pick in 1982 was arguably the Packers' fastest player throughout the 1980s and he flashed that blazing speed as a third receiver and a dangerous return man.

4. C, Bucky Scribner. The 299th pick in 1983 inherited the punting position from Stachowicz, who was the 62nd pick in 1981.

5. A, Mark Cannon. Similar to McCarren, Cannon was a bonafide late-round bargain. The Packers used the 294th pick in 1984 on the Texas-Arlington product and he went on to be a mainstay on the line through the 1980s.

6. C, Ken Stills. The hard-hitting Wisconsin product was the 209th pick in 1985 and stayed with the team – mostly as a starter – through the 1989 campaign.

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