Couch comfy in Green Bay

Cleveland Browns' QB Tim Couch expected wanted to take a quick look at the Packer facilities and meet the staff. He ended up finding an even better fit than he expected.<P>

Couch has been shopping for a new home ever since the Browns signed former San Francisco QB Jeff Garcia.

"Everything that I wanted to hear and everything that I wanted to see here was covered," Couch said in an Associated Press report. "…It would be a good fit for me.

"I'm looking for a change of scenery and Green Bay is a place I think I can be more successful, be on a better team and do some better things," Couch said after his visit Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Couch is only 26, but already has a great deal of NFL experience with 59 starts in five seasons. Thrown into a starting role on a below average team, Couch has 64 career touchdown, 67 interceptions, more than 11,000 yards and a 59.8 completion percentage.

The QB said he would have to get used to a backup role behind Brett Favre, but would be willing to make the adjustment.

"I'm used to starting, but I think this is a unique situation. This is Brett Favre and he's one of the all-tiome greats.

"I have time to learn the game, sit back and watch a guy like Brett, and be ready to go when I get my chance," Couch said in the AP report. A deal for Couch would probably mean a trade with the Browns, including spending a draft pick.

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