Weekend Trivia

The final installment of our Draft Day Bargains trivia quiz deals with the 90s and beyond.<P>

1. Name the ninth round pick in 1992 who threw just 21 passes in three seasons with the Packers before becoming a starter with the Philadelphia Eagles.

A. Mark Brunell

B. Ty Detmer

C. Matt Hasselbeck

D. Joe Shield

2. Name the seventh round pick in 1995 who started Super Bowls XXXI and XXXII for the Packers.

A. Adam Timmerman

B. Earl Dotson

C. Bruce Wilkerson

D. Doug Evans

3. Name the 252nd overall pick of the 1996 draft who went on to score four defensive touchdowns in 1998 and 1999.

A. Keith McKenzie

B. Scott McGarahan

C. Chris Akins

D. Cletidus Hunt

BONUS: Name the player who was selected with the Packers second pick of the seventh round (213th overall) in 1999, later became a starter and remains as one of just three players from that draft still on the Packer roster.

ANSWERS 1. B. Ty Detmer. The Heisman Trophy winner out of Brigham Young patiently learned behind Brett Favre in Green Bay for three years before bolting for Philadelphia and a starting job.

2. A, Adam Timmerman. The South Dakota State product was part of the 1995 draft which also produced Craig Newsome, William Henderson, Brian Williams, Antonio Freeman and Travis Jervey.

3. A. Keith McKenzie. The Ball State product scored two touchdowns in each of his two final seasons in Green Bay before leaving for Cleveland.

4. BONUS: The Packers picked wide receiver Donald Driver with their second pick of the seventh round in 1999, received from the Chicago Bears in the Glyn Milburn trade. Driver worked his way to a starting spot in 2002 and led the team in receptions and receiving yards in 2002 and 2003.

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