Mike's remarks

Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman addressed the Wisconsin media today at his pre-draft press conference. Here are his answers to some draft related questions:<p>

on if every position is fair game, except running back:

"If you just lose one, you're in the hole, and I felt that two seasons ago when we lost those running backs. Ahman (Green) finished the season banged up and beat up because we probably used him too much. I would not discount running backs from the draft.

"You just never know how your team is going to fare. If you have a talented player, I think you should try to take them."

on reacting to what happens in front of you in the first round:

"You want to take the best available athlete that also fits your needs. I don't think I'd ever want to reach down and grab a need player out of the second round if there is still a first-round talent in front of me. ... If it comes down to the first round need vs. talent, you're probably going to address your needs."

"I think you have to react to what is in front of you and hopefully make the right decision."

on the team's current group of wide receivers:

"I am very pleased with our receivers. I thought they performed particularly well last season. At the same time, if there's a certain receiver where we're picking at 25 that I think could impact our team, I would not not take him because I'm pleased with that group."

on tight ends in the draft:

"There are less than a handful of quality of tight ends in the first two rounds. There are three to four of those type players in the first couple rounds."

on if Packers have to get a quarterback:

"I feel the same as I did a year ago in regard to the quarterbacks. I'm always looking to upgrade a lot of positions if we can do that. That position in the backup capacity is one that I feel like if we can do something that can help our team, I would look into it.

"I don't feel like we have to go reach. I'm not going to reach for something just to do it. If there's a quarterback there that's a possibility, I could take one."

on if there is an impact player available at 25:

"Obviously last year I kind of had an idea that I wanted to address that linebacker position in the first round if I could, and I was able to do that. I very happily was able to draft Nick Barnett. He did a nice job for us and will continue to improve. He was a good pick for us.

"This year may be a bit different in regard to which way we go. I don't know how many impact players, even rookies, are going to be able to start for us at this present time. This is probably the most comfortable I've felt from a talent standpoint since I've been here that we have people in place. To get one (a rookie) that can impact us next year, I would not say is not a high probability, but at some point in the season could be come a starter."

on how his philosophy has changed in draft room in recent years:

"I think what has changed is you fine-tune what you do to become more productive in the process. I think we have a very productive process, a great checks and balance on how we do things. We go through and look at every player at minimum as a personnel staff four to five times. I think we have done a better job with that. I think we're identifying the players we want on our team as a staff better, the type of players that can come here in Green Bay and not only be great players but be productive off the field as well as on the field. I think philosophically everybody is in tune to the type of player I like."

on value he places on Wonderlic test:

"I place more value on the one-on-one interview. I try to meet as many as I can at the (NFL) Combine. I've interviewed close to 60 players. I've been to workouts. I've been on one-on-one interviews at their schools. I put a lot more stock in the interview procress. I'll call their high school coaches and check on what they've done in high school and college, talk to as many people as I can. Obviously, you can't cover all of your bases, but I cover as many as I can. I put more into that. I've seen players that have not performed well on the Wonderlic that are good men, just good kids, and they have struggled with the way that test is presented, but they're very successful if the information is presented in another arena, such as on film or on the football field.

"I certainly look at it. We have a Matrix test, which is a little more of a personality profile. I look at more of what their work ethic is and what their family values are, their character, things like that."

on how much personality plays into decision to draft a player:

"I think personality is important in regard to how you fit into a football team."

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