Mini-camp wraps up on positive note

Only a couple of minor injuries were reported as the Packers' 2004 post-draft mini-camp wrapped up Sunday.<P>

Wide receiver Devin Lewis suffered a minor knee injury while defensive lineman Earl Cochran strained his quadriceps, the team reported. Both sat out Saturday, the only timed missed due to injury by any players during the five-day camp.

The team worked without pade Saturday.

"We've made a lot of progress," Sherman told reporters after the session. "I thought our veterans came back with a great attitude. Everybody that was here and participated in our mini-camp as a veteran really was all business. They were excited about being here, back with their teammates and they worked extremely well."

The only veterans to miss the camp were Joe Johnson, who was excused, and Mike McKenzie, who was not.

It remains to be seen whether McKenzie, who is under contract, will be "back in the fold" in time for the June minicamp. Sherman said he is not planning to extend any special provisions to talk McKenzie into reporting.

McKenzie is missing out on learning a different defensive system being installed by new defensive coordinator Bob Slowik. The DC said the team is about three-quarters of the way toward learning the ropes.

Meanwhile, Johnson doesn't have to worry about learning the scheme at minicamp as he is expected to be released by the team later this off-season and neither party wants to take the chance of the defensive end being injured before his imminent release.

Johnson, who missed most of the past the past two seasons with injuries, would be in the third year of his 6-year, $33 million deal he signed with the Pack in 2002.

"Joe is on hold right now," Sherman said. "We haven't determined what his status is and that's why he's not here."

The next minicamp promises to be a productive one for rookies, who had only three days of workouts this time around. Unlike last season when James Lee and Nick Barnett had to sit out because Oregon State had not completed its academic year, all rookies will be eligible to attend.

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