Packers should put a lid on QB talk

Kerry Collins? <p> The allegedly planned rendezvous between the Packers and the recently-cut Giant QB has pushed Green Bay's window shopping into the realm of the ridiculous.<p>

An injury-prone QB with a troubled past who is just three years younger than Brett Favre – what's not to like? The visit was cancelled, reportedly by Collins. The 31-year-old QB has been looking for a home ever since he was cut by the Giants who didn't want to pay him $7 million now that they've got draft darling Eli Manning.

The Collins rumor is the latest, and most curious, foray into the quarterback market for the Packers who currently have an embarrassment of riches at the position with a legendary starter with a still strong arm, a capable and trusted backup and a youngster still hoping to prove himself waiting in the wings.

Granted, the Brett Favre-Doug Pederson-Craig Nall lineup can't last forever, but nothing says it can't last for another few seasons. Pederson has already had his shot as a starter and frankly is a better backup. Nall is an unknown commodity and probably a long-shot to join the elite QB ranks but the Packers still have time before they have to "fish or cut bait" on Nall.

Another QB linked with the Packers is free agent Damon Huard, a perennial backup to Tom Brady with the two-time champion New England Patriots. With only six NFL starts, Huard lacks experience but at 31 doesn't have youth as an excuse. The advantage Huard would offer the Packers is as much as mystery as his potential as a starting QB.

On the flip side of the age and experience coin is Tim Couch, the subject of much speculation and negotiation with the team this off-season. Couch, 26, is a mere youngster, yet probably has a few gray hairs already after shouldering the leadership burden before he or his often floundering Cleveland Browns were ready.

A lot of talk has accomplished little between Green Bay and Couch, who is still under contract with the Browns to the tune of two years and $15 million. Cleveland wants more in a trade than Green Bay is willing to give. Even if the Browns release Couch outright after the June 1 deadline, Couch's asking price will be high.

That leaves a few key questions: 1. Would the Packers be able to afford Couch? 2. Why does the interest in Couch around the league seem lukewarm at best? 3. Is this really they guy who is going to step in and fill Brett Favre's unfillable shoes?

The answers are: 1. No; 2. Because he's not that good; and 3. No.

Green Bay needs to take care of the business at hand which, thankfully, does not immediately call for a quarterback. Take the money that would be spent on Couch, Huard, or worse and sink it into getting to the top one more time with the best QB this team will ever see. Then, when the time really does arrive for Favre to say goodbye, make an investment in a real QB, not a retread.

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