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Survey says

Today on NFL.com had a survey for which tight end would you want. Our Bubba Franks got 6.4% of almost 144,000 when I was there. Need I say more about our TD catching Pro Bowler, and otherwise non-productive tight end?

NFLly yours, Jessie Hummel

Good all-around draft

It is always interesting to read what the insiders have to say about the recent Packers draft. However, I must disagree with Mr. Gray of Packer Report.

When the stakes are higher in the post-season than regular season, you need to take care of business which Coach Sherman and the Pack didn't do against the Eagles. Using draft picks are for spots that need strengthening, such as the secondary or special teams. Getting the two corners helps out a lot. In drafting the two corners it should send a message to Mike McKenzie to either swallow his pride and take one for the team, or get cut on June 1 when teams can make waiver moves.

Drafting a punter was also a good move because we needed it as Josh Bidwell left to go to Tampa Bay. By not drafting a quarterback, Coach Sherman is giving free agents a chance. Green Bay doesn't need Mike McKenzie to be a distraction like Randy Moss or, for that matter, other distractions that will hurt the team.

Andy Beckerjeck, Waunakee, Wis.

Starr still the greatest

Thank you for the great article about Bart Starr and the '83 Packers (December 30). I grew up in the Green Bay area but never had the opportunity to meet him until my wife and I had a chance encounter with Bart and Cherry at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport several years ago. We were able to sit and talk with them for a few minutes and it was an experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life. He is every bit the gracious and fine person Lynn Dickey describes. I was able to thank him for being a football hero to a 10-year-old boy many years ago and for still being a hero to that boy as he became an adult. Bart, you're the greatest!

Steve Dannenbrink, Houston, Texas

Quantity better than quality

I am the epitamy of great Packer fans. I like to think I know a thing or two about football and only follow my Packers. I have, unlike many, supported our coaching staff through thick and thin. I believe Mike Sherman is an above average coach who fits are team philosophy and required work ethic to the tee. My only grievance is with the drafts. We have not been horrible like so many others believe. If you look at the average amount of draft picks that can survive in this league, we are somewhere in the middle.

My problem is the way we go about drafting. Too many moves and not enough picks. If we would trade up and give our higher picks away we could aquire more players. Hence bringing a greater percentage of successful players to our organization. We have not done well with first round picks but have excelled in the later rounds. Great players like Wahle, Rivera, and Flanagan were late picks that developed into great players. Our scouting of talent has been superb in the late rounds with guys nobody has ever heard of like Aaron Kampman and Mike McKenzie. Wolf was great, not only because he could recognize talent well, but also because he would stock up on late draft picks who he knew would excell in a winning atmosphere. All I ask as an owner is lets re-evaluate the way we draft and not by who we want to draft. Nicholas Spagnuolo, N.J.

Too early to tell

Just read the May/June issue of the paper and it seems like the same one published in 2003. With all the experts, except for Ritchay and that's a shock, blasting Sherman for his picks. How about we give the young guys a chance to prove themselves before writing off the season.

As for Mike McKenzie, I agree with Brett's assessment in that a contract is a commitment. It was McKenzie who came to the Packers asking for a long term contract for security and I would like to think that his new agent is responsible for his demands but only Mike knows.

Should the Packers trade for Couch? By living in Kentucky and not having NFL Game Day, I have been reduced to watching Browns football many times. While they have never had an effective offensive line to protect Couch, the few times when the line did match up with an opponent, he displayed happy feet from having been hit too much in the past. I would say his confidence is in question and the Packers should give Craig Nall the opportunity he has earned.

The team did a remarkable job of retaining its' key free agents during the off season. However I would question some of the other retentions. The most glaring one was Jue, he was one of the players out of position several times during the year yet the team released Westbrook, an experience player that while not spectacular, was at least dependable. It had to be a money issue and not talent.

In closing I want to hope some of the new draft picks can prove the "experts" wrong and that those that were injured during preseason last year get a fair chance to prove themselves. It would be good to see the Green and Gold in the play-offs again.

Stewart Henriksen, Rineyville, Ky.

Give Sherman a break

I have been reading a lot of negative press over Sherman's ability in the draft. I think everyone will acknowledge that every team picks players that do not work out for whatever reason. I have looked at the last 3 years. In 2003 of the 9 players picked 7 still have ties to the Pack with one immediate starter, Barnett. In 2002 of the 6 picks, 5 are still with the Pack. Walker, Anderson and Kampman have all started and Davenport was impressive last year. Nall still have not been given a true shot. In 2001 we had 6 picks and 5 are still on the club. There had to be reasons why Reynolds was number 1 and one has to wonder if the coaching phylosophy may be part of the problem. So there are 21 players in three years and 18 are still on the club. However lucky we may have been last year to win the conference, a great many of these 18 were an intregal part. Its time we cut Mike a little slack and let him do his job. The DC from last year had to go and Mikes pick to replace him will give us an additional yardstick on which to measure him on how he evaluates talent.

Dick Williams, Dunnellon, FL

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