Peterson gets into fight

Let's get ready to rumble!

Second-year defensive tackle Kenny Peterson was aglow in the locker room on Friday, raising his arms in mock triumph and declaring himself "Mike Tyson."

In the stall next to Peterson, an equally giddy Grady Jackson proclaimed Peterson "bit his ear off."

Adding some brevity to a minicamp dominated by talk of the absence of Cletidus Hunt and Mike McKenzie, Peterson got into a fracas with undrafted rookie guard Joe Hayes during one-on-one pass rushing drills.

In Round 1, Peterson and Hayes got into a brief shoving match after it appeared both players' hands went to the others' facemask. Instead of rotating in new players like usual, the players and coaches enjoyed the feistiness so much that offensive line coach Larry Beightol lined up the two for Round 2. Peterson promptly jumped offsides, with Beightol giving Peterson a lighthearted ribbing.

"Jethro (defensive line coach Jethro Franklin) and Coach Bech (Beightol), you know, they were kind of excited about it," a smiling Peterson said. "They were both hooting and hollering and kind of encouraging me. The move I wanted to do, everybody knew I was going to do it and it didn't work, so that made me kind of mad and that's where everything escalated."

Round 3 ended with a brief exchange of punches, with Peterson showing some boxing skills with his hands up and his feet moving with a boxer's shuffle. Peterson landed a couple punches to the helmeted head of Hayes, a move Peterson joked showed "questionable" judgment.

"It was all in the heat of battle," Peterson said. "Offensive vs. defensive line, that's always going to be a competitive thing. Tempers got a little hot, it's hot outside and (I was) irritable."

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