More names join walking wounded

The bad news is the Packers are accumulating a pretty talented roster full of injured players during this minicamp. The good news is none of the injuries are deemed serious.

Packers coach Mike Sherman has elected to hold center Mike Flanagan out of the rest of this minicamp. Flanagan practiced during the camp opener on Wednesday but pulled himself out of drills Thursday due to tendinitis in a knee and has not returned.

"He's so valuable to us," that he is being held out of the rest of minicamp, Sherman said. Wide receiver Carl Ford, who most likely will be the team's No. 4 receiver, missed the end of practice after aggravating his right hamstring.

"Hamstring's been bothering me for the last couple days. I kind of tweaked it out here a little bit so we decided to take the rest of the day off," Ford explained, adding he hoped to practice Tuesday after a day of rehab and ice.

Ford, a seventh-round pick last season, showed plenty of promise last year before spraining the medial-collateral ligament in his right knee during the final preseason game. That injury cost him the season. After some initial apprehension dissipated during the postdraft minicamp, Ford has put the mental side-effects of the injury behind him.

"I forgot all about that about a month ago," Ford said. "When I first got back out, I kind of worried about it a bit. But now, I don't even think about it."

Despite missing last season, Ford says he's back up to speed. While he did not play last season, the season was not a complete loss since he was able to stay involved mentally and verse himself in the offense.

"It's going good," Ford said of his on-field progress this off-season. "(I'm) having fun being back out sweating a little bit with the guys. I'm just trying to get better every day."

New to the list of wounded are tight end David Martin and linebacker Torrance Marshall.

Martin had fluid drained from his left knee before practice but may return to the field Tuesday. Marshall experienced swelling in one of his knees over the weekend, with the training staff electing to keep him out of practice.

Old to the list are offensive tackle Kevin Barry (hamstring), nose tackle Grady Jackson (knee) and wide receivers Devin Lewis (knee) and Sam Breeden (hamstring).

Sherman seemed frustrated with the lack of progress Barry is making in his comeback, but is holding out hope the team's "sixth" starting offensive lineman can play during this camp.

"Not fast enough in my mind," Sherman said. "I'd like to see him out here. It's hard to progress when you're not out here. From an injury standpoint he's getting better, but he's not out here so it's not fast enough."

Starting cornerback Al Harris returned after missing most of Thursday's practice and all of Friday's practice with a sprained ankle.

"It felt pretty good but it's something we've got to work through. It ain't nothing to sweat about," Harris said. Asked if he was worried about it, Harris answered, "What month is it?" In other words, it's June, so a sore ankle is no cause for alarm.

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