Back-up back on track

Backup QB Craig Nall has been back in the groove at minicamp this week. He got re-acquainted with his natural throwing motion now that an NFL experiment with a new-style football is over.<P>

The experimental footballs, featuring raised seams, may have contributed to Nall's rocky spring, the QB said. He told reporters that he wasn't looking for an excuse, but with throwing sailing high and wide, he felt he was not gripping the ball and completing his motion as well as with the traditional pigskin.

The Packers were testing the new footballs for the league. The NFL is not pursuing the change and will continue to use the traditional-style football this season.

Experiments aside, Nall said he feels confident heading into his third NFL campaign.

He said that he's more relaxed than he has been in the past and is ready for the battle for the backup spot. His competition is perennial Packer backup Doug Pederson, plus perhaps another challenger if the deal for Tim Couch ever materializes.

"I feel really good," Nall said in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "I've had some good practices. I'm making a few plays. I'm showing more consistency than the last minicamp and that's encouraging."

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