Green returns for final minicamp practice

Ahman Green was back at practice for Thursday's minicamp finale after his unexcused two-day absence.

Much like Cletidus Hunt did on Monday, Green offered few insights Thursday into his whereabouts and his reasoning for leaving his teammates. Unlike the Hunt situation, however, Packers coach Mike Sherman sounded significantly less irritated over Green's absence.

"I think we all know when we watch Ahman Green what his commitment is," Sherman said at the conclusion of Thursday's workout inside the Don Hutson Center.

Therein may lie the difference, from Sherman's vantage point. While Hunt's absence from the first three minicamp practices caused concern because of his 2001 suspension for breaking the league's substance-abuse policy, there are no such worries about Green. And while Hunt sometimes isn't the force at defensive tackle the Packers believe he should be, there are no questions about Green's work ethic.

Green, however, didn't see it that way.

"I don't know about cutting slack," Green said. "We're all in the same realm in terms of myself, Cletidus, whomever, Brett, the rookies — we're all treated the same. Me and Coach, we had to talk about it, something between men, and right now we're all on the same page about stuff."

As for what was so important that he had to leave his teammates for two days, Green wasn't saying.

"It's something I had to do," Green said. "I had to own up to what I said I was going to do. I had to be a man about it. That's about it."

Green acknowledged skipping a pair of practices was a bit awkward in light of Hunt's absence last week and Green's comments about that situation. Last week, Green said Hunt was letting himself down and missing a chance to get in shape for the season.

"It was a little difficult," Green said, "but it was something that me and Coach, we talked about it. We're on the same page about things now and basically we're moving on with the off-season and getting ready for training camp."

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