Franklin wins battle royale

Packers coach Mike Sherman says he's comfortable with his pass-rushing situation. In case he changes his mind, he need only look at the film of Thursday's minicamp finale to find a quarterback-sacking candidate. And in case Sherman needs an extra pass blocker, well, look elsewhere.

In what defensive end Aaron Kampman termed one of "the biggest things to happen in this camp," defensive line coach Jethro Franklin showed absolutely no mercy in dominating his one-on-one matchup with assistant offensive line coach James Campen.

During one-on-one pass-rush drills about midway through Thursday's practice, Campen and Franklin decided to liven things up. Campen, a former Packers center, got down in his three-point stance while Franklin lined up across from him. Well, actually, Franklin lined up several steps to Campen's right side.

Franklin faked an outside speed-rushing move, but made a move inside, leaving Campen grabbing at air.

Franklin's clear victory left his defensive linemen hooting and hollering. Clearly, Campen's troops were ashamed, since none were available for interviews after practice.

"That was the old fake-up-the-field, back-inside move," a gloating Franklin said while breaking down his move. "Using the outside hand and chopping down on the inside hand. It's just like what I tell those guys all the time."

"Very quick. Very quick," Campen said in critiquing Franklin. "He had a good scouting report on me. He went after my right leg, my bad leg, and he got on my right side."

Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, who knows something about quick moves to the passer, begged to differ with Campen's analysis.

"That was a heck of a move. He coaches it. It was all technique," KGB said before talking some trash to his coach. "No speed whatsoever. It was all technique. You don't even have to slow it down when you see it on film."

KGB better be prepared to do some extra running when training camp starts Aug. 2.

"I thought Jethro did a great job even though I thought that he was scared," he said. "I was shocked to see my coach kind of scared a little bit, but we pumped him up and worked him into it."

Fellow defensive end Chukie Nwokorie was more complementary to his coach.

"He represented, I've got to say that," Nwokorie said. "He had a challenge and he stepped up to it. He did what he had to do. He got called out and he stepped up to the challenge."

According to Franklin, this battle royale was all Campen's doing.

"Campy always starts it. He's a bully, picking on me."

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