Weekend Trivia

Which training camp hopefuls of the summer will become the most memorable rookies this fall? Take this Packer trivia quiz to see which standout rookies you remember from the 80s, 90s and the current decade.<p>

1. Who was the only rookie to score for the 2001 Packers?

A. Herbert Goodman

B. David Martin

C. Robert Ferguson

D. Bhawoh Jue

2. Which rookie led the Packers with five touchdowns in 1987?

A. Paul Ott Carruth

B. Brent Fullwood

C. Don Majkowski

D. Frankie Neal

3. Name the rookie who led the Packers with 519 rushing yards in 1986.

A. Kenneth Davis

B. Jessie Clark

C. Chucky Webb

D. Gary Ellerson

4. Name the rookie who led the Packers with eight sacks in 1986.

A. Shawn Patterson

B. Mossy Cade

C. Brian Noble

D. Tim Harris

5. Which Packer rookie ran for 113 yards in a win at Chicago Dec. 5, 1999?

A. De'Mond Parker

B. Darick Holmes

C. Ahman Green

D. Michael Blair

6. Which rookie topped the Packers with six interceptions in 1999?

A. Antuan Edwards

B. Mike McKenzie

C. Darren Sharper

D. Fred Vinson

7. Name the rookie who returned a kickoff 88-yards for a touchdown against Arizona Jan. 2, 2000.

A. Basil Mitchell

B. Bill Schroeder

C. Donald Driver

D. Tod McBride

8. Name the Packer rookie who scored on a touchdown return and a punt return in 1992.

A. Vinnie Clark

B. Terrell Buckley

C. Tim Hauck

D. George Teague


1. B, David Martin. The big tight end caught a one-yard TD pass from Brett Favre in the waning moments of the first half of the Packers' win at Detroit on Thanksgiving for the team's only score by a rookie in 2001.

2. B, Brent Fullwood. The first-round choice out of Auburn scored all five of his touchdowns on the ground. Fullwood finished second on the team in scoring behind Max Zendejas, who scored 61 points.

3. A, Kenneth Davis. Davis averaged a respectable 4.6 yards a carry in leading the 1986 Pack in rushing.

4. D, Tim Harris. 1986 was the first of five consecutive seasons Harris would lead the Packers in sacks.

5. A, De'Mond Parker. The Packers used a fifth round pick on Parker in 1999. The 113-yard effort against the Bears accounted for all but 71 of his yards that season.

6. B, Mike McKenzie. The Memphis product finished tied for third in the NFC and tied for sixth overall with six picks in 1999.

7. A, Basil Mitchell. Mitchell ignited the Packer romp with his KOR for a touchdown in a 49-24 season-ending victory – and their first game of the new millenium -- at Lambeau Field.

8. B, Terrell Buckley. "T-Buck" scored on a 58-yard punt return against Cincinnati Sept. 20, 1992 and on a 33-yard interception return against the Los Angeles Rams Dec. 20, 1992.

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